[93], While lead concentrations in the air have declined, scientific studies have demonstrated that children's neurological development is harmed by much lower levels of lead exposure than previously understood. Whatever savings you accounted for in the beginning are now deducted by the amount of fuel you have in the tank that's no longer useable. (You must log in or sign up to reply here. I literally dont see any cons to my master money saving plans, Ok guys I got an idea. We are lucky if we can make $0.35-0.40 per gallon profit and stay competitive with regional airports. The new fuel is slightly more dense than 100LL, but has a 3.5% higher thermodynamic output. (Unleaded avgas is also available.) [9], In Europe, avgas remains the most common piston-engine fuel. TOTAL Öffentlichkeitsinformationen und Zertifikate, Erfolgsgeschichten für Transport und Spedition - Easy Rider, Erfolgsgeschichten für Bauunternehmen - Smarte Tanks, Erfolgsgeschichten für Kleingewerbe - Unser täglich Brot, Erfolgsgeschichten für Industrie - Langzeittest bei Nordzucker, Erfolgsgeschichten für Industrie - Hightech auf vier Postkarten, Erfolgsgeschichten für Industrie - Von der Evolution zur Revolution – Bitumen aus Brunsbüttel, Erfolgsgeschichten für Industrie - Die Energieexperten, Erfolgsgeschichten für Landwirtschaft - Belastbares Verhältnis, Erfolgsgeschichten für Landwirtschaft - Effiziente Schmierstoffe im Agrarbereich, Erfolgsgeschichten für Aviation - Der Flughafen der Zukunft, Erfolgsgeschichte für Aviation - Himmelstürmer, Erfolgsgeschichten für Marine - Blaue Engel auf hoher See, Produkte für Öffentlicher Dienst und Energieversorger, Services für Öffentlicher Dienst und Energieversorger, Neu: Jetzt Energiekosten für den Mittelstand online berechnen >, Mehrwert- und Mineralölsteuer-Rückerstattung, EV-Charging mit Ihrer TOTAL Card Tankkarte, Öffentlichkeitsinformationen und Zertifikate, Kraftstoffwissen – Herstellung und Bestandteile, Verfügbar an 11 internationalen deutschen Großflughäfen, Erhältlich an vielen Regionalflugplätzen in ganz Deutschland, Nach internationalen Standards genormte Qualität DEF STAN 91-91 und ASTM Standard Specification D1655-16a. Manual Nozzles - Aircraft, Bulk, General and Accessories; Swivels and Breakaways; Island Accessories; VR and Balance ConVRsion Packages; Find a Distributor Sales Personnel Contact OPW . Lycoming provides a list of engines and fuels that are compatible with them. The Bulk Order Confirmation screen is shown, revealing the order's price and expected delivery date listed in Central European Time (*The timezone of the FSE servers). [65][66][67][68], In 2008, an article by technology writer and aviation enthusiast Robert X. Cringely attracted popular attention to the fuel,[69] as also did a cross-country Swift-Fueled flight by the

Fuel sales, in part, have to pay the bills. See the "trading" section at the bottom of this page for more information on buying and selling supplies from your FBO. [79], From 2009 through 2011, 100SF was approved as a test fuel by ASTM International, allowing the company to pursue certification testing. Industry analysts have indicated that it will likely cost as much as or more than existing 100LL.

The EPA responded with a notice of petition for rulemaking.

[70] From 1983 through 2008, US usage of avgas declined consistently by approximately 7.5 million US gallons (28,000 m3) each year. • Bulk fuel orders are limited to one active order per FBO at a time, or no more than 24 hours since a declined order. AKI is the octane rating used to grade all U.S. automotive gasoline (typical values at the pump can include 87, 89, 91, and 93), and also the 93UL fuel from Airworthy AutoGas. The extensive testing process required to obtain an STC for the engine/airframe combination helps ensure that for those eligible aircraft, 91 AKI fuel provides sufficient detonation margin under normal conditions.

My insurer for the house walked around and took pics and took no exception to the tank. Sensitivity is roughly 8–10 points, meaning that a 91 AKI fuel might have a MON of as low as 86.

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