Before defeating the creature, she informs Carmilla that a "shrill thing" will one day challenge her, something she brushes off. Carmilla questions such a thing, citing that the last time they attempted to kill the Anglerfish didn't work out. Mattie immediately orders Laura to modify her Silas News Network broadcasts to be more favourable and then reveals that they have been staying in The Dean's former apartment. Carmilla's concern for Laura causes Mattie to realize that Carmilla has fallen for another one of her would-be victims, citing that Carmilla has done this before as glimpsed with Ell. Carmilla arrives late to Dracula's war council, announcing that the demon forces were defeated in the city of Gresit, and openly defies Dracula by asking why he did not turn his wife Lisa into a vampire, which would have kept her away from the fanatical church officials who burned her at the stake, thoroughly unable to fathom that he could genuinely love her instead of using her as a sex slave. Carmilla and Laura build a friendship from then on, which leads to Laura being protected by Carmilla multiple times. While the others swiftly flee the room, Carmilla and Laura engage in a heated argument about their differing beliefs, and when she realizes that Laura and herself have differing views that cannot be reconciled, she breaks up with her. She later claims to have been punctured in her breast, although no wound was found. Receiving what she believes to be needed, she goes to inform The Dean, only to find the door is sealed in ways that prevent her from leaving. They speak several different languages between them, and in Laura's narration she insinuates that they had little control over her since she was so spoiled by her kind father. Carmilla has a pathological need to control and dominate her environment.

She proved very politically skilled as she was able to twist the affairs of Dracula's council on itself to even questioning him, while maintaining the appearance that she was loyal. Danny stops Mattie, who attempts to kill her instead, but Danny pulls the locket off and crushes it, killing her. 59–78). Which "Carmilla" Character Are You? This story was retold by Le Fanu and adapted into the thirteenth chapter of Carmilla [7][8][9][10], According to Matthew Gibson, the Reverend Sabine Baring-Gould's The Book of Were-wolves (1863) and his account of Elizabeth Báthory, Coleridge's Christabel (Part 1, 1797 and Part 2, 1800), and Captain Basil Hall's Schloss Hainfeld; or a Winter in Lower Styria (London and Edinburgh, 1836) are other sources for Le Fanu's Carmilla. Will - Will and Carmilla hold a mutual dislike, although to a much less extreme degree as was seen with other characters.

They decide that their best course of action is stopping Vordenberg before he can utilize the Anglerfish for his own goals. Given the extent of Dracula's power revealed later on in his confrontation with Sypha, Trevor and Alucard, this was unlikely to succeed.

Carmilla Underneath her sarcastic and cold behaviour, Carmilla is insecure and possesses a soft side, which is displayed most prominently in her relationship with Laura Hollis, her girlfriend. The following day, the trio return from the library after an interesting night, having acquired a Sumerian text about the "Light Gods", along with the digital consciousness of J.P. Armitage, who was imprisoned within the library.

Figures Toy Company Previews THREE STOOGES ‘We Want Our Mummy’ Figures! Carmilla however, escaped the prison and killed all of Vordenberg's ancestor's family. Laura and her friends assume that Mattie killed them in order to halt any possible investigation, but as they have no proof, they need to find a way to prove it. Carmilla's character is based on Carmilla, aka Millarca, aka Mircalla, Countess Karnstein in LeFanu's original novella. Carmilla admits it may kill her, and then points out that Laura wouldn't care anyways, which hurts her feelings. While Mattie and Carmilla discuss plans for the upcoming mission, with their role being to acquire a weapon, Laura reveals to Danny Mattie's weakness. Carmilla is a natural leader, charismatic and visionary. The story is often anthologized and has been adapted many times in film and other media. Laura realizes that Mattie drinking the blood might cause her to go insane and quickly organizes everyone to hunt for her, lest she destroys the school in a madness fueled rampage. Carmilla deduces that the language being used is Latin, and translates it for Laura. Broken, Carmilla is forced to her knees, while Vordenberg draws a sword, has the other board members executed so as to attain full control of the school, and prepares to behead her. Perhaps one day we’ll get a red-dress variant?

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