Looking forward to your next summary!!! But we're not familiar with that, although we do have delivery boys. thank you sarahbeans.. urgggggggg.. HG better apologize to our dear "brother" soon.. ehhe.. i'm sure he will.. i am still finding it strange for HG to think that EC is a boy time after time.. she might look boyish.. but her voice.. i thought she still very much sounds like a girl.. ehhe.. Thanks again!

Just wait, Han Sung is going to realize Eun Chan is a lot more genuine than Yu Ju and everyone keeping up with this show will be bouncing for joy that Eun Chan is being pursued by two guys, instead of none. It’s the fake-coy-cute act. I think Coffee Prince is so funny and so well acted. I hope this isn't going to be one of those that come "crashing down in flames". Maybe we'll find out in Episode 4. That Latte Art portion of today's episode was very cool but it was unfortunately so brief in this episode. aahhhh thanks for this sarah!! And for sure, YJ and HS are so cute when they're working well! It was actually an omnibus plug for the network's set of primetime shows for the last quarter of 2012, entitled "Ang Tahanan ng mga Dramang Inyong Mamahalin" (lit. [14], On September 26, 2008, in an intimate lunch with the press people, GMA Network's lady executives, headed by [the now retired] Wilma Galvante, shared their plans for the rest of 2008 and for the first quarter of 2009. Many told me that the role fits me," says Abellana. That must make Eun Chan the head of the household. [31] Both Bernal and Abrenica underwent several workshops under Director Maryo J. Delos Reyes before the cameras roll, in preparation for their characters. I think she still has a long way to go to be a truly wonderful actor, but she's improved a lot here, and I like that her Eun Chan is un-self-conscious. The song that plays in this episode, three, while Eun Chan is recollecting her time spent with her father, do you happen to know the name of it? and it helps wrap things up b4 the subs come out, like u im enjoying the progression of eun chan and han gyul's relationship...u can see a friendship blossuming which is leading to them having slight feelings for each other..its realli nice to see the progression of events...

It was sooooo pretty, I never knew how they did the drawings and now I do! If that makes him straight, fine. Do you watch The Office? There will be funny scenes along with heartwarming moments," Severino shares.

i wouldve acted more cooly and try to troubleshoot as much rather than blame the person. Han Gyul eagerly drops by to see Yu Ju, but is disappointed to see Han Sung already there. Either way I don't really care because it's way too early in the series for them to be actually happy. She's the type that look 'nice' on the outside and rotten on the inside. Thank you! Thanks for the summary, Mr. I don't understand that portion when they were suddently cuddling together on the bed and she was doing the oddest things to him/on him. Han Gyul comments on how small her butt is, and hits it. I totally agree about your feelings towards Yu Ju. [37], Manila Times' Ed Uy said that "Kris Bernal and Aljur Abrenica give endearing performances in the Filipino remake of Koreanovela Coffee Prince". pardon my ignorance.

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