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Technology Industries of Finland represents employers and negotiates and signs collective agreements for the electronics and electrotechnical industry, mechanical engineering industry, metals industry, information technology and consulting engineering. Pay - Effective April 1, 2019 Pay - Effective April 1, 2020 B B 174 175 . 5 Article 3 Validity period (1) The collective agreement will come into effect as of 1 January 2019 and will be concluded for an unlimited period. 2.

collective agreement 2019 - 2022 canadian union of public employees, local 728. endobj %���� endobj

According to the Collective Agreement Act, the terms and conditions included in the collective agreement are binding on our member companies. endstream endobj endstream endobj CONTACT INFO. Notes. 356 0 obj <<88ff2160d30f9282b6d38caec54c43d4>]>>stream Our collective agreements include deviations from Finnish employment legislation and include several options to deviate from the rules on collective agreement through agreements that are specific to the company or the workplace. Collective Agreement between Technology Industries of Finland and Industrial Union 4.1.2020-30.11.2021, Collective agreement for senior salaried employees in technology industries 2020–2021, Collective Agreement of the IT service sector 20.2.2020-30.11.2021, Collective Bargaining Agreement for Senior Salaried Employees in the Consulting Sector 20.2.2020-30.11.2020, Collective Agreement for Salaried Employees in Technology Industries 2020-2021, Collective Agreement for Salaried Employees in Technology Industries, All collective agreements for 2020-2021 (in Finnish), Eteläranta 10 P.O.BOX 10, 00131 HELSINKI / Tel. Phone: (306) 522.8571 Toll Free: 1.800.667.5221 Fax: (306) 347.7822 Get Directions; 1011 Devonshire Drive North, Regina, SK S4X 2X4

�p��V�0��� ]X 82 . Purpose Of Agreement 1 1 k Pay For Travel On Behalf Of Employer 31 6. �+ �>��:Y����/q%�XR {��Y�����׷m��{��q5)V��a?z�,r. January 1, 2019 to December 31, 2021. (2) The collective agreement may be terminated as of the last day of xڍSKO!��+8Bb��DZ�U׬]��I��L�5��q�A�F�&�2�����/�;0 ���g\ ��������A\��O� ��j�W &y9��X� Yv%���E=�Pk�p����,���^��)iө �:5. 349 0 obj <>stream COLLECTIVE AGREEMENT BETWEEN The Union Of Northern Workers AND The Minister Responsible For The Public Service Act. Term of Agreement. �&�2Q}�����B�_p�����G� �ĺ�Y$T�C,eT+�B�����Ja�\� ��5[�)�X���[��S�T�F3���c��w�F�Yo�C�~����|��G �� 1�:��������ūa�I�@�z㕣ǫM��4`�Xj*��W���i[Oo܈�q$��00�!���3�dbB��xU��U��f���D��Ԕ3�YB�Wg!3���]��,aG�e��[�A�L��5�q������6�s���!TmP��B%��Qv)�[��俜ͰB��� ��w���XY�8�$��h��+�&�ޮKhKjv���J$T������u��e�-��q����͉#�h����d橺XJVL2��ld=֭s'�ƹ��o=T��T�'U���^j�7�I�N�DQ �̒w���b����='�^‹q90��t$���&}΍Sc.뢞pK+2��I=c`Ș���Ӵ�Ke���C��"`K��]����� ��% * H�L���[�#�Є߼��+9��u�4M\�E#ц'N�y�[D�P9��Sz�[���{��a��:W����+^���q0������%���P �i�U�"��� ��|�'6Ӣ�dK+4Di�=SPȔ���J��+�

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