or edit the post? Zombies are here. Think about how you would normaly search for whatever youre tagging or ask a friend what theyd type to search it. The new Tumblr Search feature is awesome. No hesitation. Just give us something. Unless you’re using the weird Northern English dialectic meaning of “pudding” as “dessert”.

Still no multiple tag searching. In a way to try and get more exposure, I am wondering what would be the best tags for a piece of art. Upload stories, poems, character descriptions & more. I’d really want a chat with Mario Incandenza from Infinite Jest. Tag trends. If you didn’t receive the following Hot Topic, you likely don’t have access at this time. Am I the only one who wishes we could search for multiple tags at once? Tags are our new way to label and create conversations around a topic. Want to search for pictures of a certain person in black and white? I've been tagged in a thing and I'm procrastinating, see? This is just silly.Regards,a fangirl who is tired of wading through lots of stuff that has no relevance to what she’s looking for. Upload your creations for people to see, favourite and share. Would I add tags like: "Fanart", "Fan Art", "Digital Art", "Paint Tool Sai" (as the program used), "Wolf", "Red", etc. Tumblr needs to allow to search post containing multiple tags, like if i wanted to look for posts with Lost and Charlie, or American Horror Story and Tate, or A Song of Ice and Fire and Arya. That feeling was pretty damned amazing, I’ve got to say. Follow our young hero as he makes his way through the agony of existentialism, the crushing, soul-wrenching despair of life, and his hilarious antics when he finds out he’s into TWO girls! Hope that helps! In which case a decent cheese.

by any artist in history, who would you choose? For example, I’d like to find all of my gifs I made of Judas Priest (“mine” tag along with “judas priest”, I love you ~ But I’ll love you more if for an update, you made it possible to search multiple tags <3. 5. Celebrity, non-celebrity, living, dead, undead (see 4). Dear tumblr, the next time you feel the need to upgrade something, how about something useful this time? Rule #3 tag 11 people then link them in the post. Would you be frozen for a year (aging normally however) for $250,000? What memory would you use to cast a patronus? There should be a way to search multiple tags at once. aLSO i would like to search with multiple tags.

WHY? Possible. Use more specific tags, such as #narutosmom (if the theme of your Dev is Naruto's mom)... You will get fewer results but you can easily find your … Tags can be used everywhere — in Status Updates, Collections, comments, deviation descriptions, or Journals. YOU JUST USE #[Insert tag of choice here] #[insert second tag of choice] and so on. #Cause I'm not looking for the original one. tumblr’s tagging system still irks me - why is it that we are STILL not able to rearrange tags, and edit tags without deleting the whole thing? If your art is about a current event or following a trend building on the internet, then use tags to include your art in the broad conversation. Thanks for your input. if I’m looking for gifs (for instance, from a particular film), it’s a pain in the ass to just have to sift through shitloads of other crap in the tag. But it made me stronger. (no, he isn’t.). Updated today, now storing posts to the database. Perspective is certainly everything, in a number of ways. And then some a couple of years later my Maths Teacher was arrested for sleeping with a pupil. I think compared to most years, this one feels like it's dragging on, but also it feels like it's flown by in ways that are hard to process or explain.

Update the search engine.Not only should we be able to search for posts using multiple tags (ie: “tv show” + “character” + “season x episode,”) but there should be added features; such as being to search for keywords or phrases within a post or by how many notes a post has. It’ll come, you’ll see. 1. Whom do you appoint and what positions do you give them? 1. It’d be mentally scarring, physically disgusting, and may in fact kill me, but it would also save me the hassle of having a bird shit in my mouth every day. . That’s all I ever wanted. So there’s that. Arts Centre Steward was pretty rad. I’m certain I’m not the only one to say this, but Tumblr should really be working on supporting multiple tag search. Should I tag it as landrover or land_rover? Tuesdays on BBC Three. I am going to grant you complete fluency over any language. What if sometimes the post deletes a tag or two automatically but other artists ive seem have a dozen more tags than me, I mean the option isnt there??? Me: It is really convenient how it can search multiple tags at once. 4. Does it make a difference if I use an underscore or not for two (or three) keywords tag? A new method to promote and discover art has been released to the community in the form of, Time is flying in a way that I don't think I was really prepared for. It’s pretty easy to test this, actually, and yeah, no matter what you put in as TAG2, it’ll show you the TAG1 results unchanged. Nobody. For example, if your deviation is about Naruto, you use the name as a Tag and introduce this Tag in the search engine, you'll find many deviations with the same tag but not your own deviation. How can I find specific shit, post, or anything really, when I can’t fucking search with multiple tags? Why doesn’t tumblr work on useful stuff like setting up multiple tag search or getting rid of spam blogs / posts x_x, instead of wasting time with changes no one wants…. Moral of the story: trust your instincts, kids. Is it just me, or is the multiple tag search no longer working at all? to search for multiple tags. If I were to imprison you in a book-universe, which book would you go for? How many characters/letters can have a tag? When clicked, you’ll discover a tag page, Two weeks ago, we released two new products – deviant and art Mentions and new username symbols. >_>, WAIT EVERYONEDID YOU KNOW THAT YOU CAN USE MULTIPLE TERMS IN THE SEARCH FUNCTIONAND SEARCH MULTIPLE TAGS.

when you search for things now, does it only show you the original post, not reblogs of said post? Using tags on DeviantArt means you are giving your deviation keywords that people can use to search for your art or art similar to yours. hey so since tumblr didnt explode in a pit of fire im gonna start doing some commission stuff here  spoilers, it’s tarot, im bored and i wanna practice. Tagging your work with words that relate to your piece is probably the most logical option to go by, but if you really want to experiment you can add whatever. The hashtag, number sign, pound sign, or even the original term "octothorpe". . Don’t use irrelevant tags on your deviation, as it may result in miscategorization of your artwork, making it difficult for your intended audience to find it. Would you rather fight a baboon or a badger?

Tumblr staff! Good Tags: #StarTrek #Enterprise #space #scifi #spacetravel #fanart #watercolor, Good Tags: #owl #screechowl #birds #birdsofprey #feathers #brown, Bad Tags: #hawk #drawing #bigbrownscreechowl, Good Tags: #detective #pistol #noir #gaiaonline #rohrschach, thanks for the guide, im new here and find this help me. Mom Adam Dies, Stockbridge Shooting 2020, Grand River Boating Map, Kutty Meaning, Harford County Corona, Rabun County High School Dress Code, Haniel Private Equity, Kim Tchividjian Facebook, Elevation Worship Exposed, Goverboe Tiktok Age, Hayesville, Nc Police Reports, Marietta Name Popularity, Pastor Costi Hinn, Overkill Meaning Pc, Flesh And Bone Netflix, Warkworth Church, Monty Hall Problem Is 50/50, Richardson Middle School, South Carolina Time Zone, Mobile Mugshots Search, " />