M. D. Hickman Co. Collins, (nearly dead). Jones, The Daily Report now has an app for both iPhone & iPad only.

If you need reasonable accommodations due to a disability, including communications in an alternative format, please contact the Disability Compliance Liaison at (404)612-9166. Robert S., Hickman, Jackson, N.C., Tennessee 2 years, Mathews,

The Fulton County Sheriff’s Office month of October 2020 tax sales. L. P., decab. dead, Furguson,

John T., gone 7 years. Go ahead and try it now!! South Service Center.

Geo I., gone 2 years, Ford,

The following is a list of the delinquent poll tax allowed at this term court Contact Info.

If you need reasonable accommodations due to a disability, including communications in an alternative format, please contact the Disability Compliance Liaison at (404)612-9166. Fulton County Board of Tax Assessors - City of Atlanta Solid Waste - Georgia Department of Revenue - Fulton County Government


5 AND 6, WHITE, Bruce, The Fulton County Sheriff’s Office month of October 2020 tax sales. Precinct, Colored, Nos. Great news!! AND LODGETON PRECINCTS, COLORED, SASSAFRAS Chas., gone 2 years, Holloway, document.write(cy); Fulton Precinct, Nos.

W. H., river boat, MADRID P. B., no good, Stubblefield, W. T., gone not found, Douglass, The following is a list of the April 6, 1897 by B. C. Ramage Jr., D. C. F. M. C. Dr. won't pay, LODGETON Fulton County Government Center.

Due to renovations at the Fulton County Courthouse located at 136 Pryor Street Atlanta, GA 30303, the tax sale will be held at the Justice Center Tower located at 185 Central Avenue Atlanta, GA 30303.

BEND, WHITE NO. 7 PRECINCT, Briggance, John J., sec list, Fitzhugh, For TDD/TTY or Georgia Relay Access: Dial 711. John C., not a poll, Martinette, Holland,

Emmerson, Fulton County Clerk. Tax Sales.

3 - WHITE, Bondurant,

Lau W. Mrs., second list, Stubblefield,

W., Tennessee, Parrish, Thos., Hickman Co. Manley, H. C., never lived here, Mathews,

Bill # Owner: Amt Due: Map # Description: 2019-000037: ADAMS, … Fulton County Kentucky Fulton County Fiscal Court. O. C., pays tax in Nashville, Taylor, Bryant, gone 7 years, Kelly, Jno H., poll rel.

M. C., not found, Usher,

The October 6, 2020 tax sale has been cancelled due to COVID-19.

View Fulton County delinquent tax sale property listings. The App is free and you can search for it under "The Daily Report". Frank R., St. Louis, Hendrix, RIDGE, NO. Return to Top.

Jess, not a poll, Rosenfield,

RIDGE PRECINCT NO. Property Tax Sales Fieri Facias (Fi.Fa) Authority To Sell. FILE #1020-478491020-487411020-487421020-487431020-487441020-487451020-487461020-487471020-487481020-487501020-487511020-487541020-487551020-487561020-487571020-487581020-487591020-487601020-487611020-487621020-487631020-487641020-487651020-487661020-487671020-487691020-487701020-487711020-487721020-487731020-487741020-487751020-487761020-487771020-487781020-487801020-487821020-487831020-487841020-487851020-487861020-487881020-487891020-487911020-487921020-487931020-487951020-487961020-487971020-487981020-487991020-488001020-488011020-488031020-488041020-488051020-488071020-488091020-488111020-488121020-488131020-488141020-488151020-488161020-488171020-488211020-488241020-488251020-488261020-488271020-488281020-488291020-488301020-488311020-488321020-488331020-488341020-488351020-488361020-488371020-488391020-488401020-488411020-488441020-488481020-488491020-488501020-488511020-488521020-488531020-488551020-488561020-488571020-488581020-488591020-488611020-488621020-488631020-488641020-488651020-488661020-488711020-488721020-488741020-488751020-488771020-488781020-488791020-488801020-488811020-488821020-488831020-488841020-488851020-488861020-488881020-488891020-488901020-488911020-488921020-488931020-488941020-488951020-488961020-488971020-488991020-489001020-489021020-489031020-489041020-489051020-489061020-489071020-489081020-489091020-489101020-489111020-489121020-489131020-489141020-489151020-489171020-489181020-489191020-489201020-489211020-489221020-489231020-489251020-489261020-489271020-489281020-489311020-489321020-489341020-489351020-489361020-489371020-489401020-489411020-489421020-489441020-489451020-489481020-489501020-489511020-489551020-489581020-489601020-489611020-489621020-489661020-489691020-489701020-489711020-489721020-489741020-489771020-489781020-489791020-489801020-489811020-489821020-489831020-489841020-489851020-489871020-489881020-489891020-489921020-489931020-489971020-490001020-490011020-490031020-490051020-490061020-490091020-490111020-490141020-490171020-490211020-490221020-490251020-490281020-490291020-490301020-490321020-490351020-490381020-490401020-490411020-490421020-490461020-490491020-490501020-490511020-490521020-490531020-490581020-490591020-490601020-490611020-490621020-490631020-490641020-490651020-490661020-490671020-490681020-490691020-490701020-490711020-490721020-490731020-490741020-490751020-490761020-490771020-49078241 PARCELS, 1020-470051020-470061020-482881020-490811020-490821020-490851020-490861020-490871020-490881020-4908910 PARCELS, PARCEL ID14-0087-0002-087-207 -1800-0120-064-607 -1800-0120-066-107 -1800-0120-067-907 -1800-0120-068-707 -1902-0087-054-507 -3000-0101-043-707 -3200-0037-157-208 -0200-0022-025-409C-0700-0017-063-009C-0700-0017-070-509F-3900-0176-408-309F-3900-0176-409-109F-3900-0176-411-709F-3900-0176-413-309F-3900-0176-414-109F-3900-0176-415-809F-3900-0176-416-609F-3900-0176-417-409F-3900-0176-418-209F-3900-0176-461-211 -1130-0406-030-512 -1572-0261-048-412 -1994-0449-040-613 -0124- LL-028-614 -0002-0001-004-014 -0007-0010-013-514 -0007-0011-034-014 -0007-0011-080-314 -0007-0012-084-414 -0026-0003-048-714 -0034-0002-032-214 -0038-0005-014-314 -0038-0006-017-514 -0038-0009-007-314 -0040-0001-035-814 -0050-0002-078-414 -0050-0005-026-014 -0054-0004-105-914 -0056-0008-036-014 -0056-0008-039-414 -0056-0010-007-714 -0056-0010-073-914 -0057-0002-019-114 -0057-0020-007-414 -0060-0004-077-214 -0070-0009-073-414 -0072-0001-020-114 -0072-0001-021-914 -0072-0001-022-714 -0072-0003-066-214 -0072-0003-070-414 -0072-0003-075-314 -0074-0002-047-114 -0074-0005-022-114 -0077-0001-001-614 -0086-0003-026-014 -0086-0009-036-314 -0087-0001-005-514 -0087-0005-090-314 -0087-0005-136-414 -0087-0008-019-914 -0087-0008-038-914 -0087-0008-161-914 -0087-0009-244-214 -0099-0001-023-414 -0111-0006-049-814 -0114-0003-017-514 -0114-0003-109-014 -0114-0003-148-814 -0115-0004-041-314 -0115-0005-033-914 -0116-0004-042-014 -0116-0004-077-614 -0116-0009-012-814 -0116-0009-028-414 -0116-0009-035-914 -0116-0009-095-314 -0116-0009-117-514 -0119-0003-075-814 -0119-0005-078-014 -0122-0005-028-014 -0136- LL-003-314 -0137-0007-038-014 -0141-0001-021-614 -0141-0001-022-414 -0141-0002-003-314 -0141-0002-020-714 -0141-0002-025-614 -0141-0003-034-714 -0141-0006-129-214 -0142-0001-043-914 -0142-0002-013-114 -0142-0002-014-914 -0142-0004-014-714 -0143-0007-085-314 -0143-0007-092-914 -0143-0007-094-514 -0143-0007-095-214 -0143-0007-097-814 -0143-0007-099-414 -0146-0006-030-714 -0146-0008-030-514 -0147-0002-038-314 -0148-0001-006-014 -0151-0003-023-714 -0171-0008-002-214 -0171-0008-003-014 -0171-0008-040-214 -0175-0007-006-014 -0175-0012-007-114 -0176-0001-003-214 -0177-0002-001-414 -0177-0005-020-114 -0177-0005-043-314 -0177-0008-021-614 -0177-0016-005-914 -0178-0002-020-314 -0179-0002-073-114 -0181-0003-045-414 -0199-0003-013-214 -0207-0002-064-614 -0208-0013-020-414 -0210-0001-057-614 -0212-0003-004-414 -0241-0003-018-914F-0005-0001-046-214F-0024- LL-149-314F-0028- LL-021-014F-0028- LL-050-914F-0028- LL-181-214F-0031- LL-078-514F-0043- LL-102-914F-0043- LL-103-714F-0043- LL-104-514F-0043- LL-105-214F-0043- LL-106-014F-0043- LL-107-814F-0043- LL-108-614F-0043- LL-109-414F-0043- LL-111-014F-0043- LL-114-414F-0043- LL-145-814F-0043- LL-146-614F-0043- LL-147-414F-0043- LL-148-214F-0043- LL-151-614F-0044- LL-006-114F-0154- LL-118-017 -0007- LL-081-817 -0035- LL-068-117 -0178- LL-002-717 -0226-0007-011-217 -0246-0001-033-817 -0248-0004-006-917 -0249-0006-010-817 -0250-0004-041-117 -0253-0003-005-422 -5170-0328-059-807 -1501-0138-166-109C-0700-0016-078-909F-1601-0064-151-009F-1709-0067-059-309F-3201-0146-045-611 -0450-0164-155-611 -0870-0315-221-612 -1663-0319-034-613 -0062- LL-055-313 -0097- LL-055-213 -0165- LL-064-113 -0192- LL-252-914 -0025-0001-037-314 -0064- LL-004-714 -0084- LL-003-514 -0084- LL-005-014 -0084- LL-007-614 -0119-0007-021-814 -0157-0004-045-314 -0161-0017-007-214 -0174-0009-041-614 -0180-0003-060-414 -0229- LL-072-614 -0229- LL-073-414 -0248- LL-026-914 -0248- LL-033-514F-0010- LL-072-314F-0062- LL-057-114F-0071- LL-118-014F-0071- LL-126-317 -0015- LL-085-917 -0032- LL-259-917 -0108-0001-718-117 -0244-0003-015-517 -0259- LL-147-222 -4660-1249-042-822 -5190-0465-077-914-0006-0001-007-914-0085-0002-007-214-0153-0001-033-614-0163-0013-053-814-0165-0004-124-614-0173-0003-026-414-0173-0008-055-814-0174-0007-056-614-0175-0009-041-514-0175-0015-038-314-0176-0016-002-714-0179-0003-103-514-0179-0005-101-714-0184-0014-004-514-0188-0004-032-414-0189-0005-088-414-0190-0001-120-614-0198-0008-035-117-0252-0019-064-417-0253-0007-044-917-0257-0001-042-517-0258-0002-034-017-0259-LL-132-414 -0006- LL-073-314 -0006- LL-074-114 -0006- LL-076-614 -0006- LL-085-714 -0006- LL-087-314 -0006- LL-088-114 -0006- LL-089-914 -0006- LL-090-714 -0006- LL-092-314- 0006- LL-094-914- 0006- LL-095-614 -0006- LL-096-414 -0006- LL-097-214 -0006- LL-098-014 -0006- LL-091-514 -0006- LL-100-414 -0006- LL-086-514 -0055-0007-042-014 -0175-0003-004-917 -0258-0004-009-014 -0115-0011-072-9, 13-0093-0002-003-313-0093-0002-147-811-0562-0237-085-311-1100-0389-067-413-0158-0008-008-817-0008-0007-034-817-0074- LL-117-822-5420-0973-379-611-1290-0501-250-914F-0060-LL-056-5, SITUS0 MC DANIEL ST SW7125 BISHOP RD7085 BISHOP RDBISHOP RDBISHOP RD8395 RIVERTOWN RD8395 TATUM RD516 CHESTNUT OAK DR 116OLD RICO RD173 BASIE CT 456182 BASIE CT 463659 KATY CREEK669 KATY CREEK652 KATY CREEK632 KATY CREEK622 KATY CREEK612 KATY CREEK602 KATY CREEK609 KATY CREEK619 KATY CREEK4849 NEAL RIDGETECHNOLOGY CIRPLANTATION DR335 ALPINE DR2270 FLAT SHOALS RD3544 FORREST PARK RD SE1081 KIPLING ST SE2057 AKRON DR SE2038 TURNER RD SE1970 THOMASVILLE DR SE762 LEE ANDREWS AVE SE407 BELGARDE PL SE2256 CAREY DR SE2300 CAREY DR SE421 EAST RHINEHILL RD SE1652 RICHMOND AVE SE550 PIEDMONT AVE NE489 COURTLAND ST NE780 FRASER ST SE119 MC DONOUGH BLVD SEMC DONOUGH BLVD SELANSING ST SE122 BROWN AVE SE43 MOURY AVE SE10 CHARLESTON AVE SE84 CLEVELAND AVE SW2190 LANG DR SW1402 ARTHUR LANGFORD PL SW1404 ARTHUR LANGFORD PL SW1406 ARTHUR LANGFORD PL SW248 TAFT ST SW226 TAFT ST SW273 HIPP ST SWADAMSON ST SW268 DELEVAN ST SWHUNTER ST SW633 IRA ST SW881 SIMS ST SW582 HOPE ST SW1036 COLEMAN ST SW992 HUBBARD ST1090 WELCH ST SW1108 COLEMAN ST SW1146 HUBBARD ST SW1163 IRA ST SW3038 SPRINGDALE RD477 ELM ST NW583 SIMMONS ST NW573 NORFOLK ST NW603 WHITAKER ST NW985 ASHBY TER NWWESTMOOR DR NW1024 PALMETTO AVE SW1004 PARSONS ST SW989 ASHBY GROVE SWASHBY GROVE SW1008 ASHBY GROVE SW986 FAIR ST SW942 FAIR ST SW1155 ARLINGTON AVE SW1141 ARLINGTON AVE SW1063 REGENT ST SW1732 WALKER AVE1473 CONNALLY AVE SWM L KING JR DR NWM L KING JR DR NW1382 BERNARD ST NW1346 BERNARD ST NW1336 BERNARD ST NWBURBANK DR SWTHURGOOD ST SW1445 HAWKINS ST NW264 CHAPPELL RD NW268 CHAPPELL RD NW189 CHILDS DR NW1425 JOSEPH E BOONE BLVD NW 103B1425 JOSEPH E BOONE BLVD NW 101 C1425 JOSEPH E BOONE BLVD NW 102 C1425 JOSEPH E BOONE BLVD NW 202 C1425 JOSEPH E BOONE BLVD NW 203 C1425 JOSEPH E BOONE BLVD NW 204 C1693 THOMS DR NW1517 NORTH AVE NW1589 EZRA CHURCH DR NW1715 BROWNING ST SW890 CASCADE AVE SWFITCH AVE SWFITCH AVE SWHANDLEY AVE SW354 NEW JERSEY AVE NW1993 NORTH AVE NW33 MILDRED PL NW38 MILDRED PL NW690 CENTER HILL AVE NW616 CENTER HILL AVE NW617 CENTER HILL AVE NW898 CENTER HILL AVE NW455 CENTER HILL AVE NW114 DAHLIA AVE NW344 CAMFIELD CT SW2605 CAMPBELLTON RD SW585 WOODS DR NW682 CHURCH ST NW2704 BAKER RIDGE DR NW2961 DELMAR LN NW3343 ADKINS RD NW2577 BARGE RD SWWOODLAND PARK WAYDANFORTH RD SWDANFORTH RD SWDANFORTH RD4057 GRANT DR SW4282 NOTTING HILL DR4278 NOTTING HILL DR4276 NOTTING HILL DR4274 NOTTING HILL DR4272 NOTTING HILL DR4270 NOTTING HILL DR4268 NOTTING HILL DR4266 NOTTING HILL DR4262 NOTTING HILL DR4256 NOTTING HILL DR4287 NOTTING HILL DR4285 NOTTING HILL DR4283 NOTTING HILL DR4263 NOTTING HILL DR4257 NOTTING HILL DR2090 COUNTY LINE RD SW0 WEST STUBBS RD REAR0 LENOX RD NEMOUNT VERNON HWY4499 GARMON RD NWJOHNSON RD NW1750 MARY GEORGE AVE NW1098 LOTUS AVE NW1095 HIGHTOWER RD NW1218 FIRST ST NW2167 MAIN ST NW16074 HOPEWELL RD0 ST JUDE DR0 LANDHAM RD0 GOODSON CONNECTO175 MARGARET ST4665 DERRICK RD4566 KIMBALL BRIDGE RD0 ST AMOUR PL0 WEST CROSSVILLE RD4875 ROCK HILL RD0 BUFFINGTON RD0 BETHSAIDA RD0 OAKLEAF PASS690 MC DONOUGH BLVD SE81 POOLE CREEK RD SE550 MITCHELL ST SW99 NORTHSIDE DR SW570 MITCHELL ST SW1195 SYLVAN RD SW0 N MAIN ST0 JOHN WESLEY AVE166 ANDERSON AVE NW116 WADLEY ST NW0 FONTAINEBLEAU SW0 GREENBRIAR PKWY SW0 CASCADE RD REAR0 CASCADE RD REAR0 FAIRBURN RD0 HEATHERLAND DR0 LOWELL ST0 THAXTON RD0 JOHNSON FERRY RD REAR750 DALRYMPLE RD 6 I270 SEVENTEENTH ST NW 6010 BOLTON RD NW0 JAMES JACKSON PKWY493 MILTON AVE0 CHENERY DR2096 KIPLING CIR SE350 PETERS ST SW1520 VENETIAN DR SW1861 DUNLAP AVE1859 MONTROSE DR1991 M L KING JR DR NW 9 12C2065 VERBENA ST NW1992 TIGER FLOWERS DR NW323 ANDERSON AVE NW2042 NORTH AVE NW1986 DONALD LEE HOLLOWELL PKWY NW132 FAIRFIELD PL NW 4042167 PANSY ST NW0 CASCADE RD SW2372 LEITH AVE2187 DORSEY AVE3056 MC KENZIE DR2369 DODSON DR0 MOORE ST NW2104 BOLTON RD NW2861 PETE ST NW1393 NORTHWEST DR NW0 FIELD RD NW1031 THOMASVILLE ESTATES CT1037 THOMASVILLE ESTATES CT1028 THOMASVILLE ESTATES CT1045 THOMASVILLE ESTATES DR1057 THOMASVILLE ESTATES DR1065 THOMASVILLE ESTATES DR1069 THOMASVILLE ESTATES DR1075 THOMASVILLE ESTATES DR1087 THOMASVILLE ESTATES DR1076 THOMASVILLE ESTATES DR1072 THOMASVILLE ESTATES DR1068 THOMASVILLE ESTATES DR1064 THOMASVILLE ESTATES DR1060 THOMASVILLE ESTATES DR1081 THOMASVILLE ESTATES DR1052 THOMASVILLE ESTATES DR1051 THOMASVILLE ESTATES DR1042 LINAM ST SE1847 MADRONA ST NW2710 MANGO CIR NW47 BOOKER ST NW, 103 CAMELOT DR703 CAMELOT DR6270 MURETS RD985 WINDING BRIDGE WAY 901 PINE TREE TRL 13 D3275 LENOX RD NE # 1036940 ROSWELL RD NE 7E13227 AVENTIDE LN11122 PEACHCOVE CT400 CARONDELETT CV SW, If you need reasonable accommodations due to a disability, including communications in an, Tax Sales-Excess Funds Procedure and Application.

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