A high average income, though, means that is just 9.30% of residents’ paychecks each year. Helpfully, the USDA publishes a recommended monthly budget. It's a good headline number. Below, SmartAsset figured out where people spend the highest percentage of their total income on food. Action Alerts PLUS is a registered trademark of TheStreet, Inc. San Diego, California takes the sixth spot on our list. Over the mid-2010s, spending on food ticked up by about 1% of total income and more than $500 per year. The indicators covered in this report provide assessments of important ch... State, metropolitan area, and micropolitan area estimates of access to healthy food, along with estimates of access for subpopulations.

They dedicate almost 2% of their budget to that section of the food pyramid compared to the wealthy's 1.1%. For rural and suburban consumers it's their third-highest expense after housing and transportation.

However, in the big picture, American spending on food has declined dramatically. Seattle, Washington rounds out the top 10 overall, but it has the highest raw total for amount spent annually on food, at $10,958.

Average household spending on food is useful information for macroeconomists and trivia enthusiasts. A loaf of bread averages $2.35 and chicken comes in at just under $4 per pound. Compare the Top 3 Financial Advisors For You. In total, the top quintile of earners spends $13,079 per year on food or 6.9% of their pre-tax income. Where the average American household spends 10.5% of their income on food today, in 1900 most households spent nearly half their annual budget on dinner. This is how much …

Houstonians also spend 11.41% of their total income on food. A higher average income, though, means the raw dollars total is higher than in LA at $9,153. Food expenditures are allocated annually between four types of products from various outlets and three types of purchasers and users. A loaf of bread in 1913 cost just over 5 cents.

Jan 25, 2019.

The data series measures the value of food acquired, including food and beverage sales (as well as taxes and tips), and the value of food produced at home, donated, and furnished to employees and institutionalized persons. ERS conducts research on USDA's child nutrition programs and their role in children's food security, diets, and well-being.

See the Technical Bulletin by Abigail M. Okrent, Howard Elitzak, Tim Park, and Sarah Rehkamp for more detail: The previous food expenditure data series is available continuously from 1889 to 2014. Note that the source data and methods were comprehensively revised in 2018, resulting in a break from previously published food expenditures data from 1997 forward. A young woman should budget around $206.

The costs of food add up. The animal pharmaceutical industry continues to develop new drugs, but a growing share are generic versions of existing animal drugs or are designed for companion animals (instead of food animals).

First, there is an answer for the entire country.

Agricultural Resources and Environmental Indicators, 2019, describes trends in economic, structural, resource, and environmental indicators in the agriculture sector.

Receive full access to our market insights, commentary, newsletters, breaking news alerts, and more. This quintile is approaching high-income status, and many members have already achieved it. All told the poorest Americans to spend $4,070, or 36% of their pre-tax income, feeding themselves and their families. (Of course, rural residents spend almost 40% less on housing than their urban counterparts.

Prices are… a little different these days. The monthly estimates are bench-marked to the annual estimates with each annual revision. First, the middle-tiers of income spend within $1,000 of each other on groceries, reflecting the common needs of those households regardless of income differences. Residents of Tampa spend an average of $6,289 a year on food. The average household there spends about $10,036 a year, the second-highest raw total on this list, which translates to 10.71% of its income. Consumption changes based on where you live.

Members of the bottom quintile emphasize fruits and vegetables more than any other income group.

Specifically, we looked at data for the following metrics: We divided the average food spending in each metro area by the average household income in that area. The Food Expenditure Series is a valuable tool for government agencies, academics, and private sector stakeholders to assess and track developments in consumer food purchasing behaviors and the food supply. On the other side of the country, Baltimore, Maryland denizens spend $8,964 on food, including the steamed blue crabs.

This expense leaks out $20 and $30 at a time.

If they have two children that family of four should set aside $1,000 every month.

With an average household income of $76,471, total food spending comes to $8,727 per year. Their rural counterparts buy groceries somewhat cheaper ($4,058 / 7.4% PTI) and eat out less ($2,596 / 4.7% PTI).

For ease of use, these estimates have been organized in a tabular format consistent with the comprehensive revision (see the tables under Archived Food Expenditure Tables). Americans spend a little more on food than they have in recent years.

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