Also they are right about having to exercise and eating lots of protein which is odd for me because I’m mostly vegetarian, but realize that grains really do slow me down : This all sounds like fun, but I don’t know mine. Who wouldn’t want to be successful, right? I dont know if itz gud at all, i literally cant donate my blood…, same here~~ i cant donate my blood..huhu…. They have a strong physical presence and are unlikely to be overlooked. What have these Asian countries got to say for this? ok?” and he said you are perfect to each other i knew it !.. I’m blood type O and everything matches except for the “natural athletes” part. Lol, im a O and omg ! Subscribe to my newsletter and get two free eBooks plus exclusive content for subscribers. since i knew it was mutual on what we feels ...i started to ignore him because i'm shy!! Or click here to find out more.. Tweets by @BeyondHallyu

However there is no scientific evidence to back this up. There is now a plethora of media that surround the idea including songs, books and films. Their blood type diet consists of meat, seafood, dairy products, beans, legumes, grains, tofu, fruits and vegetables.

I believe a person’s health is more determined by blood-types rather personalities. I am blood type A and have some of the traits, esp.

They can be secretive and reluctant to share their feelings due to their shy, reserved and introverted sensibilities. Will a new Korean president improve LGBT rights? ».

In a large bowl mix the rice flour, baking powder and baking soda thoroughly. They can also be considerate to others, patient and are often punctual.

I’m AB and that was pretty close! I'm blood type O and everything matches except for the "natural athletes" part. I’m basically two personalities. I’m blood type A and this fits perfectly. I’m blood type B and I see me in the description. i hate it CEO’s son IDCare!!! I believe a person's health is more determined by blood-types rather personalities. maybe you are AB and i just laughed and not taking everything seriously and he said "you are cute" and then said"no! No wonder in some country, they do make a fuss about this. Because according to Korean stereotypes, a person’s personality, temperament and compatibility (both romantic and platonic) with others can be determined by their blood type.

Each food groups are divided into three categories: Highly beneficial (food that acts like Medicine), Foods allowed (food that are no harm to the blood type) and Foods not allowed (food that acts like a Poison). Well O is compatible with all the other types so I would not be surprised if you read the other descriptions and feel you match something of theirs too.

They tend to be expressive and passionate with high self-confidence and are highly ambitious. My personality is like a mix between A and AB, i’m also almost always overlooked as people have often forgotten about me or not seen me despoite being right in front of me (including my family household). ok?"

I lack self-confidence, definitely not arrogant, a little bit insensitive, never ruthless, and a no-no for vain. It is suggested that blood type O’s eat a high protein diet and exercise rigorously. They speak their minds loud and clear whilst being friendly and easy going. Log In. In terms of dietary requirements, this blood type group is a mixed between blood type A and blood type B. now he went back to korea just because his lonely!!!! The lectins actually bind to different types of molecules, so it’s no wonder that digestion is different between blood types. I was AB….wow. Although I have no enemies, i’m blood type negative o and the description just described the exact opposite of what im. Because according to Korean stereotypes, a person’s personality, temperament and compatibility (both romantic and platonic) with others can be determined by their blood type. Being punctual and sensitive to others!. I have ridiculous body balance and sports has my been my mortal enemy for the longest time. I am Type A, and the description fits me! However, they are said to be good with money. So I have a little bit of all of the blood type traits I think! This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License. since i knew it was mutual on what we feels …i started to ignore him because i’m shy!! Preheat oven to 350 degrees and bake for 50 minutes or when the top is a crusty brown color.

AB here and that was accurate for me too! Over the summer I was a stereotupical O, I was a protein junkie and gym rat. My mom is also A and she is bipolar and has an “all about me” mindset. The description matches my temperament, though I have some O traits as well.

If he isn’t I will be very surprised! Fermentation and Lacto-Fermented Food Recipes, « Cloth Diaper Wipe Solution Recipes and More, Milk Blister, Milk Bleb or a Clogged Milk Duct?

I have B pos blood.

|. I am secretive, tense, like to be punctual. My father is AB and my mother is O. Your blood type diet works because you are able to follow a clear, logical, scientifically researched plan based on your cellular profile. However, they can be self-conscious and can be unable to express their emotions well.

Some even go so far as to say that AB’s prefer to be alone. Wow…..I’m amazed. My best friend and I couldn’t fall on more opposite ends of the spectrum. Don't Miss Another Post! Blood Type Diet Analysis: Core Ingredients Analysis: The ingredients in this category are either BTD compliant for all types or the recipe author and/or editor did not suggest a possible substitution. They can laugh in failure’s face and have a bright and liberal way of living – however this can cause them to have enemies. you all are cute. The blood type diet is based on the proteins in foods called lectins, which react differently based on what blood type a person has.

I don’t know my blood type. you korean please love yourself and have confidence pleeeeassse!!

Those with blood type O are said to be natural leaders – they are outgoing, energetic and optimistic. Don't worry - my newsletters are fun and never annoying...just like me! The linking of blood types and personalities is prominent with the basic blood types: A, B, AB and O. They are also the blood group least likely to be able to hold their liquor. I’m a blood type O and that’s a perfect description of my personality. Those with blood type AB are said to have a ‘can do anything’ attitude and have strong concentration. I’m saying that because i’m an O- and my friends always say that i’m an arrogant, ruthless person sometimes. I’ve never seen such an accurate discription of myself.

you korean please love yourself and have confidence pleeeeassse!! Yeah I am A, so happy, and this is kind of true.. omg it is!! but i’m a teacher and he’s my student in the Philippines ,his friend asked me what blood type am i ,and like… i don’t even know what my blood type is and then he just concluded i’m a B type and then i said O maybe?… maybe you are AB and i just laughed and not taking everything seriously and he said “you are cute” and then said”no!

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