"); Although the sinking of the Glenorchy when it was torpedoed had been documented, it still needed a lot of preparation to pinpoint the wreck exactly and to proceed with the dive.

FAA lobbies for the better preservation and use of the heritage of the Maltese islands, not only for the sake of preservation but also as an agent of social regeneration and community benefit. ship, 1873 name in Lloyds Register The following list was extracted from various sources. his ships GLEN______.

ex- Quang-Se, 1876 purchased from William near Stromboli. Tears sting red-rimmed eyes as the Ohio proceeds towards Parlatorio Wharf in French Creek. Maru.

1916 torpedoed and sunk off Malta by Morale rises accordingly and to cheer everyone up, Chattanooga Choo-Choo, is played loudly from HMS Penn’s PA system.

ex-War Courage*, 1919 purchased from The crews on the ships are greeted by crowds, cheering deliriously, lining the ramparts and bastions while bands play God Save the King, The Star-Spangled Banner and Rule Britannia. Glasgow.
shipping empire which owned Elder Dempster & Co. and the Glen and Shire

1889 sold to G. Tweedy & Co., London

The detonation takes place amid aviation spirit. 2 a.m.: MV Glenorchy is hit by torpedoes from the Italian torpedo boat MS 31. Thursday, August 12 - China - London - (Continent) - (UK East Coast ports). Descriptions (onsite) or Immigrant This is not an

Captain Brown orders abandon ship and HMS Bramham approaches the merchantman to pick up survivors.

Seconds later Manchester is hit in the starboard side. Speed is worked up to a gratifying six knots, with a steady enough course.

to William

In 1867 Alan C. Gow took delivery of a sailing ship which Protecting the vessels, the Royal Navy had the three aircraft carriers HMS Eagle, HMS Victorious and HMS Indomitable, the battleships HMS Nelson and HMS Rodney, besides seven cruisers, 32 destroyers, eight submarines and other units. The remaining merchant ships were British and all of them were armed with anti-aircraft guns.

Later, many of the survivors reach Tunisia and are taken prisoner by the Vichy French, who intern them in Bon Fichu, with the survivors from MV Glenorchy and MV Clan Ferguson. 4.15 a.m.: An Italian torpedo boat, MAS 564, closes in from the starboard side of the American ship Santa Elisa and fires a torpedo at point-blank range.

During the evening the ship is hit by bombs and sinks. Churchill recognised the sacrifices made to resupply Malta at all costs: “In the end five gallant merchant ships out of 14 got through with their precious cargoes. Repeated attempts to tow failed, but the tanker did not sink, Ohio with the help of all the other vessels in the operation shaped the fate of Malta. Pina. During this operation,the Ohio, alone, was singled out, ferociously attacked by the enemy. 4.15 a.m.: An Italian torpedo boat, MAS 564, closes in from the starboard side of the American ship Santa Elisa and fires a torpedo at point-blank range. The survivors are picked up by HMS Ledbury.


A vast sheet of flame roars high up into the sky. 2,788: Glenorchy (2) 1939: 1942 torpedoed and sunk off Tunisia in Malta convoy.

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The following is a chronology of events following the departure of the convoy from Gibraltar: 1.15 p.m.: The German submarine U-73 fires four torpedoes into HMS Eagle, sinking it in eight minutes. Mutual S.N.Co. D/KX 121842), MV Dorset, Royal Navy, †26/07/1942, Son of George and Margaret Walker, of Oldham; husband of Elsie Walker, of Chadderton, Oldham, Memorial: Oldham (Chadderton) Cemetery A flotilla of 15 merchant ships including the Glenorchy, in the company of a huge British naval escort - the convoy Operation Pedestal also known as the Sta Marija convoy - entered the Mediterranean on the night of August 10, 1942 on its way to Malta.

May I point out from the start that Malta`s gratitude and indebtedness to you all and all your colleagues are infinite.
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