(VOY: "Once Upon a Time"). Voyager while it was lost in the Delta Quadrant in 2372. Sie soll aus alltäglichen Dingen ein Viereck bauen und darf keinen Replikator verwenden.

Nachdem sich Neelix dazu entschließt, in der Kolonie der Talaxianer zu bleiben, verabschiedet ihn Naomi mit den anderen Offizieren und vielen Crewmitgliedern im Transporterraum. One daughter, Sabrina "No...", "Redecorating isn't work." (VOY: Überlebens­instinkt), Als mehrere Vaadwaur aus Stasiskammern befreit werden und auf die Voyager kommen, befinden sich darunter auch einige Kinder. She made the most of the opportunity and befriended several officers on board. Neelix attempted to convince Naomi that "the Borg lady" would not harm her. Naomi Wildman ist die Tochter von Fähnrich Samantha Wildman und Greskrendtregk. After Seven recovered, she decided to help Naomi with her studies on the Delta Quadrant, and asked Naomi to help her develop her social skills by teaching her the rules of the game her little girl personality had played with Naomi. Laut Seven of Nine konsumiert Naomi Desserts, wenn sie traurig ist. (VOY: "Ashes to Ashes", "Child's Play") At one point, the Borg twins, Azan and Rebi, wanted to clone Naomi as a part of the first Annual Voyager Science Fair, but were eventually persuaded to use potatoes instead. "I thought the point was to finish the puzzle." He told Captain Janeway, who in turn spoke to The Doctor and confirmed that Ensign Wildman was indeed pregnant. He then freed the frightened and confused Naomi.

Später wird sie von Neelix besucht, der mit ihr Kadis-kot spielen will.

The card featured crayon drawings of Paris and B'Elanna Torres.

(VOY: Alice), Naomi baut ihre Freundschaft mit Seven immer mehr aus, die beiden gehen miteinander zum Mittagessen und Naomi versucht ihr zu imponieren, indem sie Borgbezeichnungen für verschiedenen Spezies benutzt. Seven meint, für Naomi wäre es wichtiger jetzt Kadis-kot zu spielen und sie solle doch das Spiel schon mal im Kasino aufbauen - sie würde gleich kommen.
"And, splash!

Sie wird 2372 auf der USS Voyager geboren. (VOY: Es geschah in einem Augenblick), Nachdem Neelix von einer Außenmission zurückgekehrt ist, sucht Naomi Wilmand ihn im Kasino auf und erkundigt sich nach dieser Mission. Jedoch ist sie noch mit Hausaufgaben beschäftigt. Seven tried to make sense of more than she could process, and she questioned Naomi about her father's heritage and asked if she sided with Chakotay or the captain.

2372; replaced by duplicate

Als Captain Janeway das Modell betrachtet, ist sie davon begeistert. Sie nennt die Arbeit: Der verrückte Planet, auf dem die Zeit schnell vergeht und auch das Volk, das dort lebt. Naomi plays an indirectly prominent role in the String Theory trilogy, when a Nacene attempted to infiltrate the crew by posing as Janeway's sister and altering the crew's memories to believe she had been present since the beginning; due to her being slightly "out-of-phase" with the rest of the crew because she originated from the duplicate ship in "Deadlock", Naomi – along with Harry Kim – could perceive the Nacene for what she really was, although she was briefly rendered unconscious when the Nacene attempted to escape detection. (VOY: "Once Upon a Time"), Subsequently Naomi began secretly studying Seven, deciding that the Borg pursuit of perfection would help her achieve her goal of working on the bridge.

Naomi offered to help Neelix, so that perhaps Neelix could have time to help her. (VOY: Das ungewisse Dunkel, Teil I, Das ungewisse Dunkel, Teil II), Als die Mitglieder der Equinox an Bord der Voyager sind, heißt Naomi Fähnrich Marla Gilmore herzlich willkommen.

(VOY: Equinox, Teil I), Als Tom Paris 2376 durch das neurale Interface des Shuttles Alice kontrolliert und dadurch fast getötet wird, kann er in letzter Minute gerettet werden. (VOY: "Equinox"), Naomi was also educated by some of the crew, such as Neelix (astronomy), Seven of Nine (geometry), Icheb (genetics), The Doctor (biology and botany), and Commander Chakotay (paleontology). She learned that Neelix had discovered more of his people, and asked Neelix to introduce her to Dexa and Brax.

(Her Ktarian heritage caused her to age more rapidly than a purebred Human.).

She was the first of two children born aboard the Federation starship, the other being Miral Paris.

Ihre Mutter Samantha ist bereits schwanger, als die Voyager in den Delta-Quadranten gerät.

Naomi struck close relationships with some of the adult members of the Voyager crew, particularly Neelix, who would tell her bedtime stories and care for her while her mother was away from the ship, and Seven of Nine, who was a role model for Naomi.

(VOY: "The Haunting of Deck Twelve"), While investigating an assault on Crewman Tabor, Tom Paris, and Harry Kim were able to reconstruct a photon-displacement silhouette of the attacker.

He allowed her to photograph him to show that no harm would be done, and she mocked his constant nits about holding still. Seven had already asked Cadet Icheb, the closest thing to an older brother Naomi had, to monitor her progress. "Are you making fun of me?" (VOY: "Deadlock"), Early in her life, the Kazon captured Voyager and stranded the crew on a primitive planet. After Paris noted that described half the members of the crew, Kim joked, "At least we can rule out Naomi Wildman." Enter the email address associated with your account and we'll send you a link to reset your password. The completely healthy baby from the undamaged ship was brought on board by that ship's Harry Kim, as the one from the damaged ship was blown into space during a hull breach, before the undamaged ship self-destructed to stop a Vidiian attack. Naomi grew worried, but in the end she forgave Seven and they played kadis-kot. In the game Star Trek Online, set in 2409, Naomi is a full fledged Starfleet officer, holding the rank of Commander and is the commanding officer of Deep Space K7, a Federation space station located in the Klingon/Federation Neutral Zone and on the front lines of the war.

But that duplicate ship was doomed, and the Captain Janeway on that vessel ordered Ensign Kim (whose double had died) to take the healthy baby and escape aboard the other ship.

The computer was able to isolate general parameters of the attacker, as between 170 and 190 centimeters in height, weighing about 75 kilograms.

Doch plötzlich verändert sich die Persönlichkeit von Seven und sie möchte mit Naomi Kadis-kot spielen, was die beiden auch tun. She demonstrated intelligence and scientific aptitude, as well as an understanding of ship's systems, including the ability to encrypt the holodeck controls. Naomi wurde von Jill Böttcher (Kind) und von Gundi Eberhard (Erwachsene) synchronisiert.

Her most recognizable roles have been as Naomi Wildman on Star Trek: Voyager (1998–2001) and Kyra Hart on the television series Reba (2001–2007).

Dort sucht Neelix sie auf, doch sie möchte nicht mit ihm sprechen. Naomi was upset that Neelix would leave Voyager to begin a new life with a colony of Talaxians, but understood his need to be with his people and start a family. (VOY: "Once Upon a Time") He and Naomi enjoyed playing kadis-kot together. Flotter und Trevis schließen Freundschaft. During an incident in which Seven took on the personality of a young girl, the two spent about an hour playing games.

Als sie auf die Voyager zurückkommen, sind alle sehr euphorisch und sprechen von einem Wurmloch, das sie direkt nach Hause bringt. Hearing the explanation, Seven declared that Naomi's neocortex was too immature, but it was a worthy ambition. Erst bringt er sie zum Doktor.


(VOY: Zersplittert), 2378 ist sie bei der Feier des 315. (VOY: "Infinite Regress"), Later that year, the two deepened their friendship following Voyager's encounter with a telepathic pitcher plant, when they were the only two people immune to its telepathic influence due to their relative indifference to returning to Earth. Naomi was born under very bizarre circumstances.
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