Ontario’s budget deficit was half of the $15 billion the Progressive Conservative government initially claimed after defeating the Liberals last year. row = rows[0].split(','); theChart07.render("chart07");


Explore the audited consolidated financial statements of the government.

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}); i, "dataSource": "/staticfiles/PublicWebsite/assets/xml/ResearchPublications/InBriefs/charts/2017-01-chart05-e.xml" function toggle_visibility(id, elm) { ", var theChart01 = new FusionCharts({ Please wait. tableBody += TDs + ''; dataLoadErrorMessage:"Error in loading data. jQuery(window).on('resize scroll', function () { The national debt and the interest payments on that debt are shouldered equally across the country.5 Hence, the per capita cost of servicing the national public debt ($581 in 2017) is identical in each province. var theChart02 = new FusionCharts({

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Please wait. tableBody += TDs + ''; height: "400", Program spending in turn consists of three main types of expenditure: net expenditures on goods and services, transfers to persons, and transfers to provincial governments. tableBody += '' + row[0] + ''; loadMessage:"Loading figure. Please wait.            ", dataFormat: "xmlUrl", At times, they may serve as overviews, referring readers to more substantive sources published on the same topic. }); } Ontario’s budget deficit was half of the $15 billion the Progressive Conservative government initially claimed after defeating the Liberals last year. var viewportBottom = viewportTop + jQuery(window).height(); ", theChart05.addEventListener('renderComplete', function () { “Given the risks and uncertainties involved, they may not feel it appropriate for the government to recognize its full 50 per cent share of the surplus. }); jQuery(window).on('resize scroll', function () { The Conservatives’ independent “financial commission of inquiry,” headed by former B.C. Figure 4 illustrates federal program spending per capita for each type of expenditure plus the cost of servicing the federal government’s debt. The federal government has several revenue streams, including personal income tax, the goods and services tax (GST), corporate income tax and employee contributions to social insurance plans (payroll taxes), such as Employment Insurance and the Canada Pension Plan.

dataFormat: "xmlUrl", Lysyk used to account for the holdings in the Ontario Public Service Employees’ Union Pension Plan and the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan until a dispute with the previous Liberal government in 2015. All var data = chart05.getDataAsCSV(), for (j = 1, lengthJ = row.length; j < lengthJ; j++) { TDs = ''; return elementBottom > viewportTop && elementTop < viewportBottom; Public Accounts. Star Newspapers Limited and/or its licensors. theChart02.render("chart02");

return elementBottom > viewportTop && elementTop < viewportBottom; In 2017, the federal government collected an average of $8,376 in revenues and incurred an average of $8,408 in expenditures per Canadian (see Figure 1). if (flag04 == false && jQuery('#chart04').isInViewport()) {

rows = data.replace(/"/g, '').split('\n'); }); dataLoadErrorMessage:"Error in loading data. However, the Budget does provide an interim fiscal outlook, which is based on the best information available at the time of the Budget. The distribution of federal revenues and expenditures across Canada is often considered in terms of net expenditures. rows, ", }; loadMessage:"Loading figure. Please wait.            ", ", col = Math.round( col * 100) / 100; jQuery.fn.isInViewport = function () { for (i = 1, lengthI = rows.length; i < lengthI; i++) { dataLoadErrorMessage:"Error in loading data. } jQuery.fn.isInViewport = function () { row = rows[i].split(','); rows = data.replace(/"/g, '').split('\n');

It also incurs expenditures and implements programs that are widely available to all Canadians, regardless of their province of residence. for (j = 1, lengthJ = row.length; j < lengthJ; j++) { rows, i, flag07 = true; This copy is for your personal non-commercial use only.

tableHeader = '', jQuery(window).on('resize scroll', function () { var viewportBottom = viewportTop + jQuery(window).height(); FusionCharts.ready(function () { var viewportTop = jQuery(window).scrollTop(); Conversely, if the federal government spends more than it collects in a given province, that province is considered a net recipient. row,

tableBody += '' + row[0] + ''; tableHeader = '' + 'Year' + '' + row[1]+'' + row[2] + '' + row[3] + '' + row[4] + '' ; )(?=(\d{3})+$)/g,'$1,'); e.style.display = 'block'; j, jQuery(window).bind("load", function() { An increase in the amount provided to a ministry during the course of the fiscal year is contained in the Supplementary Estimates. dataInvalidMessage:"Invalid data.

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Ontario's fiscal watchdog says program spending under the Progressive Conservatives will drop to its lowest level in 30 years as the government tries to eliminate the deficit. Figure 3 ‒ Federal Revenues by Province and by Type, 2017 (in dollars per capita). if (flag02 == false && jQuery('#chart02').isInViewport()) { var elementBottom = elementTop + jQuery(this).outerHeight(); Here's a look at federal government expenses for the 2016-2017 fiscal year. "dataSource": "/staticfiles/PublicWebsite/assets/xml/ResearchPublications/InBriefs/charts/2017-01-chart03-e.xml" var viewportTop = jQuery(window).scrollTop();

else { Information about your device and internet connection, including your IP address, Browsing and search activity while using Verizon Media websites and apps. tableBody += TDs + ''; ", Please wait. loadMessage:"Loading figure. Please wait.            ", }; var data = chart07.getDataAsCSV(),

Budgets are used to set government spending …

i, col = Math.round( col * 100) / 100; var theChart06 = new FusionCharts({

for (j = 1, lengthJ = row.length; j < lengthJ; j++) { “Municipalities, children with autism, school programs, the arts, and community groups are all feeling the sting of Ford’s cuts, even while the government delivered tax breaks to the wealthy last year,” said Schreiner. Ontario Finances 2020-2021.

var elementTop = jQuery(this).offset().top; col = row[j].split(','); renderAt: "chart05", ... A financial roadmap that outlines the government's key spending policies and practices. col = Math.round( col * 100) / 100; document.getElementById(containerId).innerHTML = '

Figure 3 ‒ Federal Revenues by Province and by Type, 2017
(in dollars per capita)
'; });

tableHeader = '' + 'Province' + '' + row[1]+'' + row[2] + '' ; )(?=(\d{3})+$)/g,'$1,'); dataLoadStartMessage:"Retrieving data. for (i = 1, lengthI = rows.length; i < lengthI; i++) { type: "msline",

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Sources: Figure prepared by the author using data obtained from Statistics Canada, “Table 36‑10‑0450‑01: Revenue, expenditure and budgetary balance – General governments, provincial and territorial economic accounts (x 1,000,000)” and “Table 17‑10‑0005‑01: Population estimates on July 1st, by age and sex,” accessed 17 December 2018. col,

var viewportBottom = viewportTop + jQuery(window).height(); }; In fact, except for the Employment Insurance program, place of residence has no bearing on the amount of federal tax individual Canadians pay or the amount of federal support they receive. }; // Line above should have the same number of "rows" as there are columns in the data table. row = rows[0].split(',');

var viewportBottom = viewportTop + jQuery(window).height(); The third type of program expenditure consists of transfers to provincial governments, in particular equalization payments and payments through the Canada Health Transfer and the Canada Social Transfer. return elementBottom > viewportTop && elementTop < viewportBottom;

Individual parts of the country – be they cities, regions or provinces – are necessarily in one or the other of these situations according to their level of economic prosperity, their wealth in terms of natural resources or various strategic considerations. ",

dataEmptyMessage:"No data to display. “It would seem reasonable that the government should be able to recognize a portion of an asset it jointly controls with another party,” Campbell’s report concluded.

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