Before she could get inside, a friend pulled her away, and half of her body immediately became paralyzed — the half that had entered the cabin.

Since its official proposal in 1954 by Hugh Everett III, the idea of parallel universes has boggled the minds of scientists, philosophers, bloggers, and average folk alike. Ever since Carol drove into Riverside she felt a very sinister vibe, and there wasn’t much activity going on at all. Lerina believes she woke here, but she's from a parallel universe where the differences are as small as her bedspread, and as significant as her love life. Larina decided to take a sick day so she could go back home and try to make sense of all this. This earth never ceases to amaze me.

Her sheets were unfamiliar, and the pajamas she was wearing were different from the ones she'd gone to sleep in. She and her brother were there, herding their dad’s cattle, when they heard some loud noise, and were suddenly in a new place where they were eventually discovered, in Woolpit. In July, 2008 a woman named Lerina Garcia started to experience a very rare disorder.

Pedro knew he didn’t make any wrong turns so he started to question his memory and even his sanity.

Already baffled, Carol pulled onto University Avenue, a place where you’d normally find restaurants, hotels, and other businesses, but it was an unkempt, graffiti-covered area, and something about the people there frightened her. The man said that he was in Japan on business and he has been doing so for 5 years. Carol really wanted to leave and she never spoke of this. Hopping to finally solve this mystery that haunts him every single day. This mystery man told the investigators that this was ridiculous and when handed a map he couldn’t find his country. When he got off the freeway he realized that somehow he arrived to his destination. The ladies had been driving on black asphalt in the desert, but after taking a wrong turn, they said, they found themselves driving on white cement, surrounded by grain field and a lake. Carol couldn’t explain it but the few people she did see seemed to be evil, there was something not right about them. There are so many amazing paranormal mysteries out there that are just so bizarre. The girls were still pretty shook up and they told the officer everything. She decided to drive to the street her grandmother used to live on, but discovered that it was altered as well. After getting back in his car and continuing his drive, he spotted a sign pointing in three different directions. The concept of a parallel universe has been around since the early 1960s, mostly in the minds of fans of sci-fi TV shows and comics. They sped ahead until the mysterious vehicles were out of sight, and when they reached the canyon and drove all the way back through it, they'd somehow returned to the desert they were originally in, glad to be back, but unable to figure out the mysterious place they'd just gone, or how they arrived there. His passport looked authentic but it listed a country that didn’t exist, Taured. It’s the only thing that makes sense to her. He continued driving on the highway for an hour, then stopped to examine the unfamiliar roadside area. The concept of parallel universe says, all the possibilities in your life are actually happening in some parallel universe which is actually a small part of infinite parallel universes. There is just no way he could have escaped out of the 15th story window, the man simply vanished. Did 70,000 People Witness A Miracle In Portugal In 1917? They couldn’t let him official enter the country, so they sent him to a nearby hotel with immigration officers guarding the door until they could get to the bottom of this. He couldn’t recognize the terrain. Later that night her x boyfriend came over and he told her that they never broke up. Pedro got off the freeway as fast as he could.

Featured Stories, Parallel Universes, Physics, Top Lists November 5, 2017 – More and more scientists are convinced our world is surrounded by a number of parallel worlds that are invisible to the naked eye. After a couple more frustrating hours not recognizing things, she returned to Perris.

She noticed her bed sheets, tooth brush, Coffee pot, as well as a lot of other minor things were different. Back in the 12th century, two children, a brother and sister, allegedly popped up in the village of Woolpit, in Suffolk, England. The Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department searched, but never located the man from Taured. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Carol wanted answers and she spent many hours researching why this happened to her.

Lerina Garcia woke up one morning and noticed minor differences. The universe in which the Beatles never broke up. And Lerina is not the only one that suffers from this rare disorder. The green-skinned children who simply just appeared here. She believes that this unknown force was pulling her into another dimension. After this very strange incident the women couldn’t move her body and was later diagnosed with hemiplegia, a disorder that results in the complete loss of motor function.

This was from 15 stories up, above a busy street, so escaping through a window was unlikely, if not impossible. Though it remained unknown how she and her brother got there, the girl went on to get married and live her life here, in a dimension that might not actually be her place of origin. Frustrated and confused, he tried to retrace his steps, but could never find the crossroads, or the triple road sign.

Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. The Markawasi stone forest in Puru is located in the Andes Mountains. Shortly after, the boy became sick and died, but after learning to speak English, the girl explained that she and her brother were from a place where the sun didn’t shine bright, and it was perpetually twilight. The man was very upset and the interrogators had never been so confused. As the morning progressed she started to notice a lot more than just her pajama’s. Carol was driving back to her home in San Bernardino California after a nice little road trip. She saw her old school and a few landmarks that she remembered but all the houses were different.

Another very odd thing is his passport seemed to back up his story, as it was covered with previous visa and customs stamps. His hands kept hovering over France and Spain but he couldn’t see his country. Although the concept of the parallel universe is very intriguing and great studies are going on about it, there’s no practical medium available to travel to it.

The girls got extremely happy when they saw a roadside tavern coming up. Making me not want to call them a bunch of lire’s just yet as they might just be telling the truth. And there is no greater case then the man from Taured. When trying to get his passport stamped he was immediately interrogated.

And what gives this story some credibility is it’s very similar to the stories within this video.

With some tales of travel to parallel dimensions it seems the shift is via a doorway to some past or future version of our reality.

The old cemetery was there but it was fenced off. The man who was teleported to a parallel universe while driving. The strange man who wound up shipwrecked in Germany from an unknown world.

So this story goes, a peculiar guy popped up in a village, where he was picked up and questioned by authorities. Take the a case brought forward in 1988 in a spring issue of Strange Magazine, wherein two men seem to have temporarily shifted into some parallel, alternate version of the past.A man known only as L.C.

The Tokyo police department conducted an extension search, but the man was nowhere to be found. Click to share on Google+ (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window), Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window). Obsessed with travel? I woke up in a parallel universe.

Read the full story here: Unsolved Mysteries of the World. He also noticed that the cars were pretty much the same color and the license plates were rectangle. Ravenloft, a gothic horror setting for Dungeons & Dragons, is based entirely in a single demiplane. When James came to, he was next to an odd machine, in the company of a man named Jonas who claimed to have found his unconscious body while on a work trip for an interdimensional travel agency.

As they were driving they noticed the pavement turned to white cement, they started to wonder if they took a wrong turn. Carol believes she visited a parallel dimension with an ill-fated version of Riverside. The map confirmed that she was in the right place. Carol is now convinced that she somehow traveled into another dimension and she let the world know her story. This woman is more thankful than sad as she believes that if it wasn’t for her friends pulling her back that she would have been lost forever. My Wikipedia entry had become the most viral page on the Internet. During the morning hours an officer spotted the girls walking on the road so he stopped to see if they were OK.

While he had geographical information regarding his home planet, such as five compartments known as Sakria, Aflar, Aslar, Auslar, and Euplar, he couldn't trace his route on shore, and he would wind up living in Berlin, where he was a topic of discussion amongst the scientific, and simply curious, communities. They spotted a building with a large, neon sign making up illegible, random squiggles, and as they pulled in for assistance, a large group of tall men poured out of the front door seeming shocked and upset, waving their arms at the girls. Then, the girls realized these "tall men" didn't even appear to be human, so they freaked out and drove off. They were taken in, cared for, and eventually they adapted, developing a taste for food and losing the green hue in their skin. The girls felt very relived but they were still very scared, they were not about to slow down and they ended up crashing their car in a creek. The woman who woke up one morning with her life suddenly slightly altered. The number of other outlets reporting on the story multiplied at a rate that I couldn’t quite wrap my head around —The Washington Post, The Guardian, Rockol Italy, Rolling Stone Brasil, Rolling Stone México.

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