The Psalmist, having prayed that he might be cleansed from sin, and “innocent from the great transgression,” proceeds further to desire that he may become pleasing to God--“Let the words of my mouth, and the meditation of my heart, be acceptable in Thy sight.” In these words he provides us with the main division of prayer, based on the organ or faculty which is employed in it: by “the words of my mouth,” vocal prayer is suggested; by “the meditation of my heart,” mental prayer is described. Let the words of my mouth, &c.— Having thus extolled his Maker for the greatness of his power and mercy, and humbled himself for the number and heinousness of his iniquities, he closes this scene of praise and devotion; Let the words of my mouth, &c. be acceptable—My strength and my redeemer; words which seem prophetically to relate to Christ; as if he had said, "Thou wilt redeem me from the power of the devil, through the merits of Christ;" or rather, "Thou, who hast already redeemed me by the sacrifice of Christ, who was the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world." The visible heavens, and the ethereal sky spread over us, declare the power, and display the wisdom, of the hand which made them. Psalm 1 , 19 , , 119 all deal significantly with the Word of God. See App-66. R.S.V. When a worshiper brought an animal to the sanctuary to be sacrificed to the Lord, a priest would examine it to see if it was free of blemishes. Sweeter also than honey, and the honeycomb. John Trapp Complete Commentary. 2nd, However legible the glory of God might be in the works of creation to man in innocence, fallen man must have other means to teach him, or he will be brutish in his knowledge, and his understanding darkened. "The Word in the hand is fine; the Word in the head is better; but the Word in the heart is what transforms us and matures us in Christ (, [Note: See Swindoll, pp56-66; and Allen, And I ..., pp129-49.]. But he makes no conscience of his speech, or of his thoughts. And my redeemer - On the word used here, see the note at Job 19:25; compare Isaiah 41:14; Isaiah 43:14; Isaiah 44:6, Isaiah 44:24; Isaiah 47:4; Isaiah 63:16.

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