Here is what I hope becomes a comprehensive list of every film worthy of being labeled a cult classic. Being more famous for his work on television with both Buffy and Angel, this film however was Whedon's first full-length feature film as director. Carrie 'CeCe' Cline Chuck O'Neil Amy Wieczorek Tristan Jarred Elaine Mani Lee Terrence Hardy Jr. Brian O'Hare Ryan Tasz Colin Patrick Lynch Terrell Tilford Joshua Michael Kwiat Antonio Rufino Linda Wang Mark Winn Rick Williamson Neil Patrick Harris, David V. Lester Barry Mendel Alisa Tager Christopher Buchanan, Kevin Kavanaugh Daniel T. Dorrance Gerald Sullivan, Larry Dias Kelly Berry Jim Johnson Mick Cukurs, Fumi Mashimo Catherine Sudolcan Les Hunter Lisa Goldberg Gary Nolin Richard Malzahn Juliette Yager Loni Peristere Randy Goux Jacqueline Cooper L. Patrick McCormack Dan DeLeeuw, Ron Bartlett Eric Flickinger David A. Whittaker Tom Bellfort Kerry Ann Carmean Ben Wilkins Karen Vassar Triest Hector C. Gika Geoffrey G. Rubay Mark Smith, Camille Calvet Margie Kaklamanos Ron Pipes Scott Stoddard Karen Iverson Tina Hoffman, Universal Pictures Barry Mendel Productions, 宁静号, เซเรนิตี้ ล่าสุดขอบจักรวาล, Firefly - Serenity, Firefly: The Movie, action adventure thriller science fiction, 119 mins  

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