Earth911. 4. Do you have trouble keeping your desk nice and tidy? CVS Freebies Add to My Operation Christmas Child S... No-Sew Fleece Bunny Tutorial ~ Perfectly Sized for... Let the Packing Begin! You can easily make your own seed organization box using two shoe boxes. Do you need an easy place to leave messages for your family when you’re in a hurry? So, if you’re looking for a new upcycle project to work on, check out this list of ways to upcycle shoe boxes into beautiful organization tools. So basically, it's an easy project! These are just for fun, simple projects to try out next time you have a lazy afternoon. Image Credit: A Piece Of Rainbow. It's any project that can be completed in one afternoon. They are "sew" fun to make. Instead of having shoe boxes piled in your closet where the old adage “out of sight, out of mind” comes into play, now you can see exactly what you have so a pair of shoes won’t get lost in the clutter. 14 Shoe Box Theater. I hope you find some inspiration in one or two or three! Upcycle your shoe box into the perfect recharge station. Fortunately, there’s really no need to throw away shoe boxes. Image Credit: Southern Flair Crafts. from Frugal Fun for Boys 16 Shoebox Stove. from A Little Learning for Two 17 DIY Musical Strummies.

Installed and customized by TCN Design Studio, Everyone has jars, magazines, old books, and cardboard tubes laying around the house. All Rights ReservedHosted on WPEngine - Enterprise Performance.

Here are 20 of our very favorite one afternoon craft projects! You can stop the madness by making your own DIY earring organizer from a shoe box. from Fun Crafts Kids 19 Shoe Box Cell Phone Projector. Image Credit: Smart n Snazzy.

You might be thinking, “Well, I don’t buy that many shoes so it’s not that much waste compared to other areas of my life.” Consider this: Close your eyes and visualize 469 shoe boxes sitting in front of you. Even though these things are normally trash we throw away, with a little imagination you can upcycle them into something new and useful… literally, « 12 Thrift Store Housewares Transformations.

They protect our precious shoes from the time they’re manufactured and shipped to the retailer until the moment we get them home. Keep on top of green living news, DIY tips, and info about recycling just about anything. Please check your email for further instructions. Image Credit: IKEA Hackers. Instead of spending a bunch of money on a new whiteboard or chalkboard, consider making your own Chalkboard Painted Shoe Box Lids. Organizing for Packing Shoe Boxes All Year Long. Instead of spending a bunch of money on a new whiteboard or chalkboard, consider making your own Chalkboard Painted Shoe Box Lids. If you’re the crafty type, you probably have a lot of ribbon lying around. Makes it so convenient and easy to find all the nice things we can make, thus saving time...time that could be used for crafting things for the children. Image Credit: Creme de la Craft. Shoe boxes are especially great for creating inventive storage solutions for every area of your home and office. Today’s inspiration is from environmentalist, entrepreneur, and author Paul Hawken: ... Nearly 40% of food is wasted from farm to landfill ... Pharmaceuticals represent a growing source of pollution that impacts the ... Fun (Really!) You can use this desktop organizer to keep your cosmetics organized, too! This shoe box ribbon organizer is the perfect solution to your ribbon storage challenge. Upcycling shoe boxes into viewable shoe storage is easy to do.

You can use them to write notes or even to create new decorative wall hangings for your home. Sustainability Quiz Official Rules, Recycling Center Search & Recycling Guides, How to Recycle Unwanted or Expired Medications. Thanks for subscribing! You can make your own cable organizer using a shoe box and toilet paper rolls. And, you won’t be adding more plastic to your home by making your own. How about making your own decorative wall shelves by upcycling shoe boxes? I know all too well how easily it unspools and becomes a huge mess. Most, if not all, can be created with items around the house and a few supplies. Using shoe boxes to actually store shoes doesn’t sound so inventive, but this idea for making viewable shoe storage from normal shoe boxes is! At Earth911, we’ve created a community that helps people find their own shade of green, match their values to their purchase behaviors, adopt environmentally sound practices and drive impactful environmental changes.

DIY Crafts for Operation Christmas Child Shoeboxes ~ How To's and Tutorials Index from Simply Shoeboxes One of my favorite items to pack in an Operation Christmas Child shoebox is something I have made. A shoebox ribbon organizer is the perfect upcycle solution to your ribbon storage challenge. Then most of us end up tossing the shoe box in the trash or recycling it to save space in our closet. Do you have 5,000 cables lying around your home?

Thanks, Crafting for Shoeboxes. Just poke some holes in the lid, and you have the perfect place to mount your earrings so you can always find the ones you want! It’ll keep everything tidy in one place and you won’t find any more spilled seed packets around (not that I’ve ever experienced that!).

Your email address will not be published. handmadecharlotte. Thank you so much for doing this. Shoe Box Storage.

Are you looking for an inexpensive way to store things like toys and craft supplies? If you’re a KonMari Method follower, this box would be great for organizing your sock drawer or other spaces that need dividers!

Do you need a great way to organize your seeds while you wait for spring to roll around? This DIY project works perfectly to keep all of your cables organized so you can find them quickly when you need them. from Teach Preschool 18 Shoebox Pizza Oven. What a bright and happy collection of projects - so (or should I say "sew"?!)

If you’re trying to minimize plastic waste in your life, consider making your own paper organizer drawers using shoe boxes. from Flower Bubbles Image Credit: Show And Tell U. All you’re going to need are a couple of old shoe boxes and a Brother P-touch PT-D200 LABEL MAKER. from Handmade Charlotte 15 DIY Marble Maze. What if there were a way to upcycle them? You can turn a shoe box into the perfect recharge station. This upcycle project is perfect if you’re looking for new ways to organize your home. We are dedicated to increasing recycling rates and helping you choose sustainable options to live a happier, healthier lifestyle; one that protects this wonderful planet we call Earth. What a blessing you are! Shoe Box Lids; What to Make.

:-) More time for crafting!! You can easily make your own seed organization box using two shoe boxes. 3.

Using shoe boxes to actually store shoes doesn’t sound so inventive, but this idea for making viewable shoe storage from normal shoe boxes is! … That’s an easy fix! Join 100,000+ Earthlings and keep on top of green living news, DIY tips, and info about recycling just about anything. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Love how you think, Pam! It is awesome!

Image Credit: Tasha Chawner. Have you ever thought about how much waste that creates?

You just might find a project (or several) you fall in love with! Do you have trouble finding the cable you need when you need it?

Shoe boxes. Recycled Can Centerpieces with Succulents, Repurposed Yoghurt Container Turned Succulent Pot. All you need is a shoe box, a piece of PET plastic and some double-sided tape, and you’re set! Follow these steps from Handmade Charlotte for better results. This DIY project is a beautiful way to organize any number of types of papers — from pictures to scrapbooking supplies to bills that are due. You can stop the madness by making your own DIY earring organizer from a shoe box. While this tutorial uses a tissue box, you could make a pretty storage box even more easily out of a shoe box.

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