Find a Store; Prescriptions. Spicy but mellow and sweet but not too. Potent to the point that i would smell exactly like Tabu the next day even though I had only handled the bottles long enough to box it up.

Definitely not for millennials. I blind bought this because I wanted to smell like an old-timey French prostitute but alas all I smell is root beer/dr.

I absolutely love it, I cannot get enough, I want to bathe in it. Every year on her birthday I send her a bottle of vintage Tabu, with a note saying, "Enjoy your parfum, you big slut!"

I was intrigued by the lady of the night mythology behind this scent and had to add it to my collection. It was worth a punt given how little I paid for it but the bottle will not be being used up any time soon! Is this the cola or root beer note so many people say they smell? I find Shalimar unappealing and overhyped. Puts opium to shame.

I also remember the bath oil...haven’t seen it, but I haven’t looked for it. What is there to say? Even after I took a shower I could still smell it. Funny thing how my relatives keep calling Tabu a granny scent whereas my little sister and her school friends adore it.

I was afraid that it would be patchouli. It lasts all day and I get compliments when I wear it. 2 were with the painting in the back and the other without...made in china with oil from usa...confirmed by tabu they are not fake. Tabu,Chanel #5, Chanel Gardenia & Shocking are among that group. I'd be careful with this in the summer. Brings a few other perfumes in mind, like Jil Sander No.9, except this one is way cheaper. More so than just normal skin chemistry. Tabu Perfume by Dana 30 ml Cologne S... (.
So, I seem to be in love. Tabu Rose by Dana Eau De Parfum Spray 1.7 oz for Wom ... Dana Love's Baby Soft, Body Mist for Women, 1.5 oz, Dana Love's Baby Soft Body Mist for Women, 1.5 Oz, Toujours Moi by Dana, Perfume for Women, 4.0 oz. I am not sure if I like it now or not, so I will keep on trying to find out. I bought blind a bottle of this (current violin version) a few years ago, when I was revisiting loved vintages, such as Opium and Cinnabar. But alas!

Tabu! All water with a snife of aroma gone within a minute.

Warm spicy cozy goodness.

one of my favorites.

Sorry, but we can't respond to individual comments.If you need immediate assistance, please contact Customer Care. Very prim and proper. And usually inexpensive to purchase.

A very comforting scent . The oldest bottle has lost some of the top notes, but is still nice. I got it in a beautiful violin bottle for £14, so absolute bargain; to be entirely honest, as music is my greatest passion, I really wanted that gorgeous bottle in a shape of violin in my collection even if I didn't like the juice.

It has been reformulated which was a real disappointment. None of the fruity floral limpness in this. Perfumes: 62425

It’s still a wonderful scent. It's a snuggler. I love the civet note in there, I know to some noses that may smell like urine but it adds a depth to this fragrance that makes this bargain frag stand out among the others. There are so many perfumes I need to use more and give more wearings to but...the heart wants what the heart wants!

I get sweet orange in the first blast then it dries to an amber/spice/patchouli combo. One spray only, but after the drydown it's quite nice.

That is 30 bottles of Tabu that little "lady" has gone through.

I even found a vintage bottle (80s or 90s). Opening my perfume cabinet only to see you looking back at me with those somber, amber colored bedroom eyes was almost torturous during all those sweltering nights when you would have only broken off the chain, soured, and crushed me beneath your freakishly strong sillage. Every once in a while i would smell the bottle, and, yep, it was alluring, rich, mysterious, complex, sexy. I like to spritz it on my sheets before bed.

I figured, if it doesn't work out, it was a minor investment. The EdT version of Tabu is warm, sensual, seductive and VERY long lasting. But only minutes later it starts to reveal its beauty. I think those black bottles helped keep things from spoiling. I really love all the sensuous reviews on Tabu, which compelled me to order a 3oz bottle under $11 online. I thought my nose was playing tricks on me when I kept picking up notes of cola or root beer but in reading the reviews here, I see that I am not alone! Take Vol de Nuit, extirpate the galbanum and the celery, synthetize the narcissus, add ylang-ylang, augment the cresylic notes, add two parts of cola, one part of root beer, extra vanillin and you get TABU! i tend to love warm ambery/musky scents and this is definitely one of those, with spices. I don't know how else to describe it.

Tabu is simply delicious-spices, amber, patchouli with a lovely sweetness upon dry down.

The concoction of musk, amber and vanilla is truly a very sensual and delightful scent, it is all around in fragrances such as this one and Obsession. Bought as a tester as I was intrigued by Tabu's history, and it is very reasonably priced. Does Dana put that in their marketing campaigns? If you like oriental fragrances give this one a go you wont be disappointed. My grandmother used to wear it in the ‘60s, so I got her a little mini cologne bottle of it from an antique store. In the newer one the floral mix is more obvious.

I dreaded having to box this perfume up. Here's an interesting anecdote for TABU fans ... Before searching for a vintage bottle on eBay, I’ve found a gorgeous gift set on amazon, including.

It's comforting, perfect for a cold rainy day. And I love the idea of smelling like the idea of this fragrance as a man and pulling it off. I don't get the comparison to Lush Karma at all other than these both have an incense vibe and patchouli. I would not have known it was Tabu without the words on the label.

good longevity.
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