You won’t bring yourself to regret it, though. It’s okay, Sherlock. My colleague and I were just–. He won’t be happy, as you can imagine, but he’ll accept you had no choice. That answers all of it? You’re rational.

In the end, what did he want? It’s complicated. It will be well on its way by then. Not until you’re entirely sure, at least. Some part of you knows what we know, that the two of you ending up together somehow is inevitable. You might have hoped that by this future point in your life you’d have gained at least some ability to say the difficult things you want to say.

“Good,” you’ll say, because body parts spoil faster in every other part of the refrigerator, but John will save you before you can say the wrong thing. And then he'll say it sharply, in that tone that makes you feel like he's taller than you, and suddenly you'll be able to hear again. He’ll put his safety goggles on and won’t speak again until supper time. If you want to get into semantics. He never has, when you get in his space. This is the point where you’ll regret not having written something down. llamaoftheinternet liked this . Or whatever. See more ideas about Johnlock, Sherlock bbc, Sherlock john. That’s never really happened to you before, has it? He’ll let you take your time. It took you years to figure out why, and it will bode well that it hasn’t changed. You've never been able to delete those sorts of things, have you.

Alright, I’ll grant you this: it will come out arrogant and defensive. You don’t have to say anything.

There’s really no point in my telling you, is there? “The moment I kissed you is the moment I stopped lying to you.”. He’ll shake with it, he’ll just barely contain it.

He’ll look a little wild; you’ll wonder if he’s high. His gaze, though wet, will remain defiant. I’m surprised you can’t see it yourself. He won’t have slept at all in the previous two days. It won’t be difficult; his face will be exactly in the right place to make it easy for you. You’ll be too distracted by the pulsing pain in your chest where his rejection stung you to think about what that might mean. Sorry: strike that. The things he did wrong, but caught just in time.

It’s hard to say, really. And it depends on him, of course. It will seem like it, anyway. Do you need a glass of water? “I still have a lot of questions,” John will say. And he won’t shake you off, or even give you an odd look. I can’t even describe the look you’ll see on his face.


That’s between the two of them. Sherlock John Sherlock Fandom Sherlock Quotes Watson Sherlock Jim Moriarty Sherlock Holmes Bbc Johnlock Martin Freeman Baker Street.

Just rest assured. Long story: there’ll be a case, and a door you can’t open until the right moment, and only just enough room. Android or He knows you have the answers. Whatever Remains follows Holmes and Watson on a number of cases in 1920's London. It will feel absolutely unremarkable that you’re standing so close together at the bar. It is very silly. You’ll kiss him far longer than you’re imagining you could, given that you’ll be in public, standing at a bar. You’ll look at the couch a few moments, and then you’ll think, I may have let that get out of hand. You'll make sure nothing can touch it. We should do it again some time soon. 29.1k likes, Comic You have quite a lot of sex, if that’s what you want to know. Reasoning with someone who’s upset is always a gamble. You’ll blush hard, just thinking it, like you are now. You’re already planning some of those things right now, so you understand the necessity of rationalizing certain morally questionable decisions when John’s life is in danger. “You don’t have some sort of scheme,” John will say, voice low. You won’t be able to look at his armchair either, because that’s where the offer was made. It’s a disguise. You’ll love that: you love the vulnerability of the confession, for one. His skin will feel invitingly warm. Everything else – seriously, everything else: yeah, it’ll help with that. It’s just that’s how it feels, to get something you’ve always wanted. The decision will come to you so easily you’ll barely stop to think about it at all. As a stickler for semantics, surely you understand the word inevitable? We said we were going to tell you the important bits, and that’s what we did. 29.1k likes, Romance “Sorry about that, too.”. Sherlock was there through it all. It’s always shut your brain down. Just for a second. He’ll look so surprised, at a loss, and above all, hungry. and 656 more users But you have to understand that it won’t work quickly for a question like this. Well: it’s exhilarating. You may receive free episodes as gifts in the We know how guilty you feel. It will already be so much to take in at once, and he won’t even stop kissing you. Just mentioning! 543 likes, BL He’ll still be in his pajamas. You’ll blush because there are far too many idle thoughts and unacknowledged fantasies in your head that start this way, and you’ll be too drunk to untangle them from reality, from this moment. He can unnerve you sometimes, can’t he, when he sounds like that? That’s when he’ll answer you. Just nothing. You’ve pored over that memory so much you’ll still be able to feel his palm against your knee, if you want to. But still: John lived. But when that day ended, you knew you had lost something concrete. What, the odds? You’ll start pulling together pieces of apologies you’ve drafted in your mind. It will seem like nothing earth-shattering and life-changing is going on at all. Dec 23, 2019 - Explore Michael McClure's board "Sherlock john" on Pinterest.

Anyway: there you’ll be, lying on the floor with him beside you, ostensibly waiting. And you won’t actually answer his question, either. Clarify. We can show all the evidence in meta posts on tumblr (and oh we do, we do! potatoloveyou liked this . You do say the right thing sometimes, it can just take you a while to get there. Alive. John won’t flinch, or press his back into the chair, or anything like that. He’ll notice. Naturally, you’ll wonder what other urges he gave into that afternoon. You won’t want to stare, but won’t you seem nervous if you look away? You’ll feel oddly at ease with his body heat and the sound of his even breathing so close to you. I don’t need to remind you, do I?

You can, of course, think about it later. You aren’t him, after all. You won’t even care how your voice wavers; desperation tends to hit like a flash flood, doesn’t it? Theme hunters. Moriarty will be dead and you’ll still feel like you're being tossed about by a malevolent higher power. You know that. Of course he will be. 1.9k likes If you like. The handy portmanteau for one of fandom's most alluring will-they-or-won't-they-or-are-they-even-gay couples on television. “Yes.” You’ll be grateful for it, John’s smile. You do get one of those after all, as improbable as it will seem along the way. If you never ask, if you never take a risk, if you never try to understand what’s going on inside that mad head of his. “Why would I– If I had a scheme, I'd say the code. This is the slow route.

The soft options on the margins, the unlikely futures still vaguely within your grasp?

You’ll knit your fingers loosely with his and let him think on that if he gets bored of the film. There you go; that’s better, isn’t it? So you won’t sit in your chair. They’ll all be within touching distance after that. There will be nowhere to hide from yourself. And you’ll know: you’re doing this now. ), but we could also sit them both down and tell them it's going to happen. You know how it goes. Staying with the people you care about meant accepting certain emotional consequences, so you made yourself a deal: if they could cope with you, you could be better for them. I won’t make you beg. Fair enough.”. 549 guests It’s always easier to write these things down first, isn’t it. You’ll repeat it to yourself a few times. John will be thrilled, you hope.

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