Harold Godwinson age is around 998,as Harold Godwinson was born on the th of 01, 1022 in Essex. The French life of Eadward in the 13th is very bitter against Harold. Articles from Britannica Encyclopedias for elementary and high school students.

But that there is some truth in the story is proved by the strongest negative evidence. From 1902 Encyclopedia Brittanica (http://www.1902encyclopedia.com/H/HAR/harold-ii-of-england.html): King of England and the last of the Saxon rulers.

The two armies clashed at the Battle of Hastings, near the present town of Battle close by Hastings on 14th October, where after a hard fight Harold was killed and his forces routed. When the peace is broken, it is always by the act of others, and Harold is always called on to make the settlement. He clearly understood the difference between his two enemies, when it was wise to attack and when it was wise to await the attack. Haralds hustru Edith Swanneck, skulle identifiera liket, vilket hon gjorde genom märken på kroppen som bara hon kände till, ansiktet var helt förstört. King Harold is commemorated in Waltham Abbey with a ‘King Harold Day’ usually on the nearest Saturday before the 14th October, when the marker stone is decorated with flowers and a short ceremony takes place. Detta stärkte hans position som Edvards efterträdare, men splittrade familjen, då Tostig allierade sig med kung Harald Hårdråde.

Landet invaderades av både Harald Hårdråde och Vilhelm av Normandie som hävdade att han lovats kronan av både Edvard (troligtvis 1052) och Harald Godwinson som hade lidit skeppsbrott i Ponthieu, Normandie 1064 eller 1065. Han vann ära genom en rad fälttåg (1062 - 1063) mot härskaren av Gwynedd, Gruffydd ap Llywelyn, som hade erövrat hela Wales; denna konflikt slutade med Gruffydds nederlag (och död i händerna på sina egna trupper) 1063. He led a series of successful campaigns (1062–63) against Gruffydd ap Llywelyn of Gwynedd, king of Wales. Det sades att, under det senare tillfället, att Vilhelm hade tvingat Harald att svära en ed att stödja hans krav på tronen på en låda med heliga reliker. Due to an unjust doubling of taxation instituted by Tostig in 1065 that threatened to plunge England into civil war, Harold supported Northumbrian rebels against his brother, Tostig, and replaced him with Morcar. to have fled for refuge to her brothers Edwin, Earl of Mercia and Morcar of Northumbria but both men made their peace with the Conqueror initially before rebelling and losing their lands and lives. [4] Harold then apparently accompanied William to battle against William's enemy, Conan II, Duke of Brittany. His first wife was the Danish princess Thyra Sveinsdóttir, one of the daughters of Sweyn I of Denmark and Norway. An earlier source, Amatus of Montecassino's L'Ystoire de li Normant ("History of the Normans"), written only twenty years after the battle of Hastings, contains a report of Harold being shot in the eye with an arrow, but this may be an early fourteenth-century addition. As an old man, he supposedly returned to England, and lived as a hermit in a cave near Dover. Men Harald Gudinnesson kunne ikke mobilisere fullt ut mot Harald, han måtte holde et våkent øye med hertugen av Normandie, som gjorde åpenlyse forberedelser til en landgang. Men i sør truet en ny fare. The deaths of Harold—killed by an arrow in the eye, according to the Bayeux Tapestry—and other Anglo-Saxon leaders finally won the day for William. The necrology of Chartres cathedral records the death "VII Id Dec" of "Adeliza filia regis Anglorum", stating that her father made a donation for her soul[2047]. Stothard's 1819 water-colour drawing has, for the first time, a fletched arrow in the figure's eye. Harold Godwinson, or Harold II (c. 1022 – October 14, 1066) was the last of the Anglo-Saxons to be crowned King of England - Edgar Ætheling (c. 1051 – c. 1126) was to be his successor after the Battle of Hastings, by the proclaimation of the Witan, but was not crowned. Han ble ca. In September Harald and Tostig invaded in the north, defeating an army at Gate Fulford; marching northward, Harold met them at Stamford Bridge, where he won an overwhelming victory on September 25. They were won over by the new king, who went to York, accompanied by Saint Wulfstan, bishop of Worcester. Vid Edvard Bekännarens död 6 januari 1066 hävdade Harald att Edvard på sin dödsbädd lovat honom kronan och fick Witenagemot (rådet av rikets betydande män) att godkänna honom för kröning, något som ägde rum följande dag. Harald hadde en misunnelig bror, Tostig eller Toste, som syntes at han hadde like stor rett til kronen. Among them was a daughter Gytha, later wife of the Kievan Rus prince Vladimir Monomakh. Chibnall specifies[2042] that this reference is contained in the interpolations written by Orderic Vitalis, the latter chronicler therefore contradicting his statement in his own work that Agatha was the name of the daughter who was betrothed to King Harold. Detta andra äktenskap resulterade i de två sönernas Harald och Tostig Godwinsons födelse samt deras systers Edith av Wessex (1020 - 1075) som blev Edvard Bekännarens drottning. A request to exhume a grave in Bosham Church was refused by the Diocese of Chichester in December 2003, the Chancellor having ruled that the chances of establishing the identity of the body as Harold's were too slim to justify disturbing a burial place. Edward the Confessor was on his deathbed and pointed to Harold. While crossing into Brittany past the fortified abbey of Mont St Michel, Harold is recorded as rescuing two of William's soldiers from the quicksand. Orderic Vitalis says that Adelaide "a most fair maiden vowed herself to God when she reached marriageable age and made a pious end under the protection of Roger of Beaumont"[2043]. The only near certainty is that it would presumably have been the oldest available daughter who was betrothed to Harold. Harold's first wife, Edith Swanneck, was called to identify the body (the face being destroyed) which she did by the tattoos pricked into his chest which read "Edith" and "England". The invading forces of Hardrada and Tostig defeated the English earls Edwin of Mercia and Morcar of Northumbria at the Battle of Fulford near York on 20 September 1066. He died on 4 January 1066 and was buried in the Abbey he had constructed at Westminster. Godwin married twice, both times to Danish women of high rank. Although an ally of the Anglo-Danish line, Godwine accepted the accession as king of a member of the former English royal family, Edward the Confessor (1042–66), following the death of Canute’s successor. Betrothed ([1064]) to ADELISA de Normandie, daughter of GUILLAUME II Duke of Normandy & his wife Mathilde de Flandre ([1055]-7 Dec, 1066 or after).

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